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Acidem uses and description

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Acidem consists of Butinoline phosphate, Ca carbonate, bismuth subnitrate.

Ca carbonate - this antacid is useful for the temporary relief of occasional indigestion and heartburn. Frequent, daily or nightly symptoms usually mean a more serious problem. Antacids by themselves do not correct these problems. The medications that are now available to treat acid problems are generally superior to antacids. The second and more important use of calcium carbonate is as a source of calcium, necessary for bones and teeth and to prevent osteoporosis. A quart of milk contains about 1500 mg of calcium which is about what you need. Otherwise this or a similar calcium preparation can be taken (see osteoporosis diet).

bismuth subnitrate - Oral H.pylori infection

Adult: 300 mg once daily or 75 mg 4 times daily. Usually used in combination with other drugs as part of the triple therapy. Renal impairment: Moderate-severe impairment: Avoid use.

Indications: H.pylori infection.

Active ingredients: Butinoline phosphate/Ca carbonate/bismuth subnitrate
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List of acidem brand and generic drugs

Acidam (Taiwan)
Butinoline phosphate/Ca carbonate/bismuth subnitrate (Taiwan)
Spagastrol (Taiwan)
Spagastrol 100's
Spagastrol 1000's
Spagastrol 1 g
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