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Acromona uses and description

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Acromona - Acromona is an anti protozoal agent. It is believed that the mechanism of action is associated with DNA damage-sensitive microorganisms. Active against Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, and obligate anaerobic bacteria (including Bacteroides spp., Fusobacterium spp.).

Aerobic bacteria are resistant to metronidazole.

In combination with amoxicillin Acromona is active against Helicobacter pylori. It is believed that amoxicillin inhibits the development of resistance of Helicobacter pylori to metronidazole.

Acromona, a synthetic antibacterial and antiprotozoal agent of the nitroimidazole class, is used against protozoa such as Trichomonas vaginalis, amebiasis, and giardiasis. Acromona is extremely effective against anaerobic bacterial infections and is also used to treat Crohn's disease, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and rosacea.

Indication: Treatment of acute acne rosacea

Active ingredients: Metronidazole
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List of acromona brand and generic drugs

Acrogyl DF
Acrogyl DF 400+500 Tablet$ 0.04
Acuzole (South Africa)
AD 500
AD 500 30 ml Suspension$ 0.04
AD 500 500+200 Tablet$ 0.07
Adco-Metronidazole (South Africa)
Adco-Metrostat (South Africa)
Agometrol (Kenya)
Ai Di (China)
Aldezol (Ethiopia)
ALDEZOL Liquid / 200mg per 5ml (60ml units)$ 0.20
ALDEZOL Capsule/ Tablet / 400mg (10 units)$ 0.12
ALDEZOL Capsule/ Tablet / 200mg (10 units)$ 0.07
Aldezole (Myanmar)
200 mg x 10's$ 0.07
400 mg x 10's$ 0.12
200 mg x 5 mL x 60ml$ 0.20
500 mg x 100 mL x 100ml$ 0.24
Aldezole 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.07
Aldezole 400mg TAB / 10$ 0.12
Aldezole 200mg/5mL SUSP / 60ml$ 0.20
Aldezole 500mg/100mL INJ / 100ml$ 0.24
Injectable; Injection; Metronidazole 5 mg / ml
Suspension; Oral; Metronidazole 200 mg / 5 ml
Tablets; Oral; Metronidazole 200 mg
Tablets; Oral; Metronidazole 400 mg
Altozol (Philippines)
Altozol 5 mg/1 mL x 100 mL
Amebazole (Kenya)
Amebidal (Mexico)
Ameryl (Philippines)
Ameryl 125 mg/5 mL x 60 mL$ 2.83
Suspension; Oral; Metronidazole 125 mg / 5 ml
Amevan (Ecuador)
Amezole (Pakistan)
Aminidazole (Ethiopia)
Amobin (Bangladesh)
Amobizole (Pakistan)
Amodis (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)
Amotein (Spain)
Amotrex (Bangladesh)

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