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Altermon uses and description

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Altermon - Indications: male and female infertility

Menotrophin, in conjunction with hCG, is indicated for multiple follicular development (controlled ovarian stimulation) and ovulation induction in patients who have previously received pituitary suppression. Selection of Patients1.Before treatment with Menotrophin is instituted, a thorough gynecologic and endocrinologic evaluation must be performed. Except for those patients enrolled in an in vitrofertilization program, this should include a hysterosalpingogram (to rule out uterine and tubal pathology) and documentation of anovulation by means of basal body temperature, serial vaginal smears, examination of cervical mucus, determination of serum (or urine) progesterone, urinary pregnanediol and endometrial biopsy. Patients with tubal pathology should receive menotropins only if enrolled in an in vitro fertilization program.2.Primary ovarian failure should be excluded by the determination of gonadotropin levels.3.Careful examination should be made to rule out the presence of an early pregnancy.4.Patients in late reproductive life have a greater predilection to endometrial carcinoma as well as a higher incidence of anovulatory disorders. Cervical dilation and curettage should always be done for diagnosis before starting Menotrophin therapy in such patients who demonstrate abnormal uterine bleeding or other signs of endometrial abnormalities.5.Evaluation of the husband’s fertility potential should be included in the workup.

Active ingredients: Urofollitropin
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List of altermon brand and generic drugs

Bravelle (Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia (Hrvatska), Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States)
Injectable; Injection; Urofollitropin 75 IU
Bravelle 75 IU x 5 loï boät vaø 5 oáng dung moâi
Bravelle 75 IU x 10 loï boät vaø 10 oáng dung moâi
75 IU x 1's$ 26.70
Bravelle 75 IU x 5's
Bravelle 75 IU x 10's
Bravelle 75 IU VIAL / 1$ 26.70
Eema-FSH (India)
Eema-FSH - VIAL / 75IU$ 17.59
Eema-FSH - VIAL / 150IU$ 33.33
75 IU x 1's$ 17.59
150 IU x 1's$ 33.33
75 IU x 1's$ 14.89
150 IU x 1's$ 22.89
Eogentin 75 IU AMP / 1$ 14.89
Eogentin 150 IU AMP / 1$ 22.89
Eventin 150(HMG)
Eventin 150(HMG) Follicle stimulating hormone150 IU, Luteinising hormone150 IU, Mannitol 12 mg,potassium dihydrogenorthophosphate 0.46 mg,dipotassium hydrogen phosphate0.36 mg. AMP / 1$ 17.83
Eventin 75(HMG)
Eventin 75(HMG) Follicle stimulating hormone75 IU, Luteinising hormone 75IU, Mannitol 12 mg, potassiumdihydrogen orthophosphate 36mg. AMP / 1$ 12.16
Fertinex (Serono S.A.)
Follimon (Thailand)
FOLLIMON Injection / 75 I.U. (1 vial units)$ 15.75
Follimon 75 IU x 1's
Follitrin (Argentina, Chile, Peru)
Injectable; Injection; Urofollitropin
Fostimon (Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam)
Injectable; Injection; Urofollitropin 75 IU / ml
Injectable; Injection; Urofollitropin 150 IU / ml
Fostimon 75 IU/1 mL x 1 loï
Fostimon 150 IU/1 mL x 1 loï vaø 5 hoäp nhoû trong hoäp lôùn
Fostimon 75 IU/1 mL x 1 hoäp 1 loï
Fostimon 150 IU/1 mL x 1 hoäp 1 loï
Fostipur (Spain)
Gonotrop F (India)
Gonotrop F 150 iu Injection$ 0.02
Gonotrop F 75 iu Injection$ 15.74
Lishenbao (China)
Materna-FSH (India)
Materna-FSH 75IU INJ$ 15.74
75 IU x Vial$ 15.74
Metrodin (India, Israel, Luxembourg)
Injectable; Injection; Urofollitropin 75 IU
Injectable; Injection; Urofollitropin 150 IU
Metrodin 75IU INJ / 1$ 22.04
Metrodin 250 mg
75 IU x 1's$ 22.04
Metrodin 75 IU x 10 oáng

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