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Axona uses and description

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Axona - Used for: Dietary management of patients with Alzheimer disease.

Axona is a medical food. It works by increasing ketone levels in the blood, which may help to provide energy to the brain in patients with Alzheimer disease.

Indication: Axona (caprylidene) is a medical food (see Section 11 "Description" below) containing a proprietary formulation of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), specifically caprylic triglyceride, for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Axona is taken orally once a day, and must be administered under physician supervision and dispensed by prescription.

Alzheimer's Disease as a Metabolic Deficiency

Under normal conditions, glucose is the primary energy source for the brain. Imaging studies have shown decreased utilization of glucose in the brains of AD patients early in the disease, before clinical signs of cognitive impairment occur. This decrease in glucose metabolism (hypometabolism) worsens as clinical symptoms develop and the disease progresses.

Axona is designed to safely elevate serum ketone levels to assist with the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes and nutritional requirements associated with mild to moderate AD.

Active ingredients: Caprylidene
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