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B-Mycin uses and description

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B-Mycin - B-Mycin and its derivatives, betamethasone sodium phosphate and betamethasone acetate, are synthetic glucocorticoids. Used for its antiinflammatory or immunosuppressive properties, betamethasone is combined with a mineralocorticoid to manage adrenal insufficiency and is used in the form of betamethasone benzoate, betamethasone dipropionate, or betamethasone valerate for the treatment of inflammation due to corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. B-Mycin and clotrimazole are used together to treat cutaneous tinea infections.

Indication: Topical use (cream, lotion and ointment): for relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses
Topical use (foam): relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses of the scalp
Systemic use: for the treatment of edocrine disorders, rheumatic disorders, collagen diseases, dermatological diseases, allergic states, ophthalmic diseases, respiratory diseases, hematologic disorders, neoplastic diseases, edematous states, gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculous meningitis and trichinosis.

B-Mycin gel (augmented) is a super-high potency corticosteroid indicated for the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. Treatment beyond two consecutive weeks is not recommended, and the total dose should not exceed 50 g per week because of potential for the drug to suppress the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This product is not recommended for use in pediatric patients under 12 years of age.

Active ingredients: Betamethasone dipropionate
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B-Mycin 15 g

List of b-mycin brand and generic drugs

B-Gencin (Taiwan)
B-Gencin 0.64 mg/1 g x 15 g
Bcgyash cream (Vietnam)
Bcgyash cream 1 tuyùp 15 g
Becanex (Taiwan)
Becanex 30 g
Becylic (Taiwan)
Becylic 1 g
Becylic 5 g
Becylic 10 g
Becylic 15 g
Becylic 20 g
Beliu (Taiwan)
Beliu 0.64 mg/1 g x 5 g
Beliu 0.64 mg/1 g x 10 g
Beliu 0.64 mg/1 g x 15 g
Beliu 0.64 mg/1 g x 500 g
Beliu 0.64 mg/1 g x 1 kg
Beta-D (Philippines)
Beta-D 0.05 % w/w x 5 g
Beta-D 0.05 % w/w x 10 g
Beta-D 0.05 % w/w x 15 g
Betaclosone (Taiwan)
Betaclosone 5 g
Betaclosone 10 g
Betaclosone 15 g
Betaclosone 450 g
Betacylic (Vietnam)
Betacylic 1 tuyùp 15 g
Betamazole (Taiwan)
Betamazole 1 g
Betamazole 5 g
Betamazole 10 g
Betamazole 15 g
Betamazole 20 g
Betamethason Medipharco-Tenamyd (Vietnam)
Betamethason Medipharco-Tenamyd 0.064 % x 1 tuyùp 30g
Betamethasone Dipropionate (Taiwan)
15 gram in 1 tube
50 gram in 1 tube
Betapionate 0.05%
Betasa (Taiwan)
Betasa 5 g
Betasa 10 g
Betasa 15 g
Betasa 20 g
Betasa 1 kg
Betasay (Taiwan)
Betasay 1 g
Betasay 800 g
C.G.B. (Taiwan)
C.G.B. 10 g
Caditrigel (Vietnam)
Caditrigel 1 tuyùp x 10 g
Clobe (Taiwan)
Clobe 1 g
Clobe 10 g
Clofusone (Taiwan)
Clofusone 1 g

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