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BIOVAM - BIOVAM (marketed as the hydrochloride salt under the trade name Ergamisol) is an antibiotic belonging to a class of synthetic imidazothiazole derivatives. It was discovered at Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1966.

Ergamisol was withdrawn from the U.S. and Canadian markets, in 2000 and 2003 respectively, due to occurence of serious side effects in some people in the face of availability of replacement pharmaceuticals.

Indications: Ascaris lumbicoides.

Ancylostomiasis or mixed-ascariasis hookworm infections.

Active ingredients: levamisole
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
150 mg x 4's$ 1.09
Biovam 150mg TAB / 4$ 1.09
Biovam 150 mg Tablet$ 0.27

List of biovam brand and generic drugs

Biotrex (Bangladesh)
Boverm (Ireland)
Break-Away Hog Wormer Pellets
Drug Premix; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 400 mg / kg
Cahlverm (Ireland)
Caliermisol (Portugal)
Capizol (France)
Carbasan (Netherlands)
Carisnil 150 mg Tablet$ 0.18
Chanaverm (Ireland, United Kingdom)
Chemisole (Italy)
Chronomintic (Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland)
Citarin (Italy, Switzerland)
Co-Op Sow and Pig Wormer Tramisol
Drug Premix; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 800 mg / kg
Combo (Australia)
Concurat L (Germany)
Powder; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 100 mg / g
Decaris (Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen)
Tablet; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 50 mg
Tablet; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 150 mg
Decaris 150mg - 1 Tablets$ 10.40
Decaris 50mg - 2 Tablets$ 10.40
Decaris 50 mg x 250's$ 2911.00
Decas (Taiwan)
Decas 40 mg
Decazole (United Kingdom)
Decazole 10 ml Drop$ 0.05
Demisole (Taiwan)
Demisole 150 mg
Detrax (Ethiopia)
Dewormis (India)
Dewormis 50mg TAB / 1$ 0.06
Dewormis 150mg TAB / 1$ 0.09
50 mg x 1's$ 0.06
150 mg x 1's$ 0.09
Dewormis 150 mg Tablet$ 0.09
Dewormis 50 mg Tablet$ 0.06
Dicaris (India)
Dicaris 50mg KID-TAB / 1$ 0.12
Dicaris 150mg TAB / 1$ 0.38
50 mg x 1's$ 0.16
150 mg x 1's$ 0.38
Dicaris 150 mg Tablet$ 0.46
Dicaris 50 mg Tablet$ 0.17
Dicaris 50mg P-TAB / 1$ 0.16
Duphalevasole (Ireland)
Elmifarma (Italy)
Ergamisol (Australia, Israel, Luxembourg)
Tablet; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 50 mg

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