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Beparin Gel

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Beparin Gel uses and description

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Beparin Gel - Heparin, a highly-sulfated glycosaminoglycan, is widely used as an injectable anticoagulant, and has the highest negative charge density of any known biological molecule. It can also be used to form an inner anticoagulant surface on various experimental and medical devices such as test tubes and renal dialysis machines. Pharmaceutical grade Beparin Gel is derived from mucosal tissues of slaughtered meat animals such as porcine (pig) intestine or bovine (cow) lung. Although used principally in medicine for anticoagulation, the true physiological role in the body remains unclear, because blood anti-coagulation is achieved mostly by endothelial cell-derived heparan sulfate proteoglycans. Beparin Gel is usually stored within the secretory granules of mast cells and released only into the vasculature at sites of tissue injury. It has been proposed that, rather than anticoagulation, the main purpose of Beparin Gel is in a defensive mechanism at sites of tissue injury against invading bacteria and other foreign materials. In addition, it is preserved across a number of widely different species, including some invertebrates that do not have a similar blood coagulation system.
Active ingredients: Heparin
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Beparin Gel 200IU/g GEL / 20g$ 0.83

List of beparin gel brand and generic drugs

Beparine (India)
BEPARINE Cream/ Gel/ Ointment / 200 iu/g (20gm units)$ 0.83
1000 IU x 1 mL x 5ml$ 0.51
5000 IU x 1 mL x 5ml$ 1.40
Beparine 1000 IU x 1mL INJ / 5ml$ 0.51
Beparine 5000 IU x 1mL INJ / 5ml$ 1.40
Beparine 25000 iu Injection$ 0.36
Beparine Skin 20 gm Gel$ 0.04
Beparine Skin 15 gm Cream$ 0.04
BEPARINE - LF Injection / 10 I.U.. (2ml units)$ 0.12
BEPARINE INJ Injection / 5000 I.U. (5ml units)$ 1.81
BEPARINE INJ Injection / 1000 I.U.. (5ml units)$ 0.60
Beparine Inj 5000 iu Injection$ 0.12
Beparine Injections
Injectable; Injection; Heparin Sodium
Beparine LF
Beparine LF 2000 iu Injection$ 0.06
Beparine-LF (India)
Beparine-LF 10iu AMP / 2ml$ 0.12
10 IU x 2ml$ 0.12
Beprin (India)
Beprin 500iu/5mL VIAL / 1$ 0.70
Beprin 2500iu/5mL VIAL / 1$ 1.81
Beprin 5000iu/10mL VIAL / 1$ 3.24
500 IU x 5 mL x 1's$ 0.70
25000 IU x 5 mL x 1's$ 1.81
50000 IU x 10 mL x 1's$ 3.24
Beprin 50000 iu Injection$ 0.32
Beprin 5000 iu Injection$ 0.70
Beprin 25000 iu Injection$ 0.36
Bio-Heparin (South Africa)
BLOCKASOL Injection / 5000 I.U. (1 vial units)$ 0.59
BLOCKASOL Injection / 25000 I.U.. (1 vial units)$ 1.57
Blockasol 500iu INJ / 1$ 0.49
Blockasol 2500iu INJ / 1$ 1.26
5000 IU x 1's$ 0.47
25000 IU x 1's$ 1.26
Blockasol 5000 iu Injection$ 0.47
Blockasol 25000 iu Injection$ 0.25
Bopuqing (China)
Injectable; Injection; Heparin Calcium 20000 units / 0.8 ml
Calciparin (Germany, Israel)
Injectable; Injection; Heparin Calcium 5,000 IU / ml
Injectable; Injection; Heparin Calcium 20,000 IU / ml
Injectable; Injection; Heparin Calcium 25,000 IU / ml

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