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Biofuroso uses and description

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Biofuroso - Indications: iron deficiency anaemia

Iron-deficiency anaemia

Active ingredients: Ferrous Fumarate
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List of biofuroso brand and generic drugs

Bi Fil Plus Capsule
Bi Fil Plus Capsule$ 0.11
Blo Syn Capsule
Blo Syn Capsule$ 0.02
Bloom-Z Capsule
Bloom-Z Capsule$ 0.03
Blue Diet Capsule
Blue Diet Capsule$ 0.11
Blush Capsule
Blush Capsule$ 0.04
Bonex Forte
Bonex Forte 300+200+5 Tablet$ 0.05
Cadifer Capsule
Cadifer Capsule$ 0.02
Calcifer Z Capsule
Calcifer Z Capsule$ 0.04
Calpro-Ze Capsule
Calpro-Ze Capsule$ 0.06
Calsopan Fe Capsule
Calsopan Fe Capsule$ 0.04
Care-Vit-M Capsule
Care-Vit-M Capsule$ 0.11
Ceeging Tablet
Ceeging Tablet$ 0.12
Celpro 200 gm Granules$ 0.18
Chemofer 12 Capsule
Chemofer 12 Capsule$ 0.03
Cheri Capsule
Cheri Capsule$ 0.08
Choice Kit Kit
Choice Kit Kit$ 0.19
Coliron Tablet
Coliron Tablet$ 0.03
Compicare Capsule
Compicare Capsule$ 0.04
Corofer Z
Corofer Z 152 mg+61.8 mg+750 mcg Tablet$ 0.04
Corofer ZIP
Corofer ZIP 300 mg+1.5 mg+5 mcg Tablet$ 0.05
Count-Up Elemental Fe 100mg,Cyanocobalamin 5mcg, FolicAcid 1mg, Pyridoxine HCl1.5mg, Elemental Zn 55mg TAB / 10$ 0.43
Cromofer Z
Cromofer Z 152+61.8+0.75 Archicare Capsule$ 0.03
Cromofer Z 152 mg+61.8 mg+750 mcg Capsule$ 0.03
D Vit Capsule
D Vit Capsule$ 0.08
Dexiron Capsule
Dexiron Capsule$ 0.02
Dumasules Capsule
Dumasules Capsule$ 0.02
Capsule; Oral; Ferrous Fumarate 300 mg
F-Tab (Thailand)
F-Tab 200 mg x 1,000's
Faftus Tablet
Faftus Tablet$ 0.11
Fe 12 Forte Capsule
Fe 12 Forte Capsule$ 0.04
Femark Capsule
Femark Capsule$ 0.05
Femicontin Capsule
Femicontin Capsule$ 0.04
Feostat (United States)
Feramat (Turkey)
Ferdek (Thailand)
Ferdek 45 mg/0.6 mL x 15 mL
Ferfolic 12 Capsule
Ferfolic 12 Capsule$ 0.05
Feribal Capsule
Feribal Capsule$ 0.02

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