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Biomix uses and description

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Biomix - Nutritional supplements for convalescence patients, lactating women, infants, children. Also for patients with acute and chronic liver disease eg, cirrhosis, fatty liver and hepatic encephalopathy.
Active ingredients: vit B
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Biomix (amp) 20 mL x 5's

List of biomix brand and generic drugs

Bexilan 250 (Vietnam)
Bexilan 250 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Biovit B2 (Thailand)
Biovit B2 50 mg x 1,000's$ 15.67
Biovit B6 (Thailand)
Biovit B6 50 mg x 1,000's$ 7.33
Bitacomp (Vietnam)
Bitacomp 3 Blister x 10 Tablet
Blackmores Multi B (Thailand)
Blackmores Multi B 60's
Blackmores Multi B 120's
Bocalex Multi (Vietnam)
Bocalex Multi 1 tuyùp 10 Tablet
Bocalex Multi 1 tuyùp 20 Tablet
Cophavita B1 (Vietnam)
Cophavita B1 250 mg x 1 chai 100 Tablet
Eff-Pha Cam (Vietnam)
Eff-Pha Cam 1 tuyùp 10 Tablet
Fulies (Taiwan)
Fuliver (Taiwan)
Godex (Philippines)
Godex 100's$ 99.25
Godex DS 100's
Icool (Vietnam)
Icool 1 loï 15 mL
Kapedoxin (Indonesia)
Kapedoxin 100's$ 5.23
Kapedoxin 500's$ 18.36
Lanovit (Indonesia)
Lanovit 5 x 10's$ 3.93
Likancochien (Taiwan)
Lysmix (Philippines)
Lysmix 20 mL x 5's$ 2.50
Mega-B (Thailand)
Mega-B 50 mg x 500's
Mitodex (Philippines)
Mitodex (vial) 10's
Moriavit Capsule (Philippines)
Moriavit Capsule 100's
Multivitamin Bidiphar (Vietnam)
Multivitamin Bidiphar 1 chai 100 Tablet
MyVita Power (Vietnam)
MyVita Power
MyVita Power 1 tuyùp 20 viªn
Nephrovit-Fe (Indonesia)
Nephrovit-Fe 100's$ 12.24
Neurobase Forte (Philippines)
Neurobase Forte 100's
Neuroblus B1 (Vietnam)
Neuroblus B1 100 mg x 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neuroblus B6 (Vietnam)
Neuroblus B6 100 mg x 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neuviplex (Thailand)
Neuviplex 100's
Orulin (Taiwan)
PM LifeProMax for Men (Vietnam)
PM LifeProMax for Men 1 loï 60 Tablet
PM LifeProMax for Women (Vietnam)
PM LifeProMax for Women 1 loï 60 Tablet
Riboflavin Chew Brothers (Thailand)
Riboflavin Chew Brothers 10 mg x 500's
Riboflavin Chew Brothers 10 mg x 1000's
RiteMED Thiamine Hydrochloride (Philippines)
RiteMED Thiamine Hydrochloride 300 mg x 100's$ 3.89
Suplenex (Philippines)
Suplenex (bottle) 500 mL
Taginba Plus (Vietnam)
Taginba Plus 10 Blister x 5 Tablet
Tanabe Calcium (Taiwan)
Tanabe Calcium 600's
Thiamine Hydrochloride Utopian (Thailand)
Thiamine Hydrochloride Utopian 10 mg x 1,000's
Tropic (Vietnam)
Tropic 1 tuyùp 20 Tablet

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