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Blexit - Indications: malignant neoplasms

should be considered a palliative treatment. It has been shown to be useful in the management of the following neoplasms either as a single agent or in proven combinations with other approved chemotherapeutic agents:Squamous Cell CarcinomaHead and neck (including mouth, tongue, tonsil, nasopharynx, oropharynx, sinus, palate, lip, buccal mucosa, gingivae, epiglottis, skin, larynx), penis, cervix, and vulva. The response to Blenoxane is poorer in patients with previously irradiated head and neck cancer. LymphomasHodgkin’s Disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Testicular CarcinomaEmbryonal cell, choriocarcinoma, and teratocarcinoma. Blenoxane has also been shown to be useful in the management of:Malignant Pleural EffusionBlenoxane is effective as a sclerosing agent for the treatment of malignant pleural effusion and prevention of recurrent pleural effusions.

Active ingredients: Bleomycin
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Injectable; Injection; Bleomycin Sulfate 15 units

List of blexit brand and generic drugs

Bleomycine Bellon
Injectable; Injection; Bleomycin Sulfate 15 mg
Bleomycine Teva (Belgium, Bulgaria)
Bleomycinesulfaat PCH (Netherlands)
BLEONCO Injection / 15 I.U. (1 vial units)$ 24.07
Bleonco 15u VIAL / 1$ 11.67
15 u x 1's$ 11.67
Bleonco 15 mg Injection$ 11.67
Bleosol (India)
Bleosol 15u VIAL / 1$ 16.46
15 u x 1's$ 16.46
Bleostar S
Bleostar S 15 mg Injection$ 17.14
Bleostar-S (India)
Bleostar-S 15iu VIAL / 1$ 17.14
15 IU x 1's$ 17.14
BLEOTEX Injection / 15 I.U. (1 vial units)$ 23.33
Bleotex 15u VIAL / 1$ 23.33
15 u x 1's$ 23.33
Bleotex 15 mg Injection$ 0.02
Blocamicina (Argentina)
Bloicin-S (Georgia)
Bloicin-S (Vial) 15 u x 1's$ 62.50
Bonar (Brazil)
Cytorich (Argentina, Peru)
Lyoble (India)
Lyoble 15u VIAL / 1
15 u x 1's
Naprobleo (India)
Naprobleo - VIAL / 1$ 14.81
1's$ 14.81
Naprobleo 15 mg Injection$ 14.81
Nikableocina (Chile)
Injectable; Injection; Bleomycin Hydrochloride 15 mg
Nisbleo 15 mg Injection$ 16.30
Oil Bleo (India)
30 mg x 1's$ 4.60
Oil Bleo 30mg INJ$ 4.61
Oil Bleo 30 mg Injection$ 4.60
Oil Bleo 30mg VIAL / 1$ 4.60
ONCOBLEO Injection / 15 I.U. (1 vial units)$ 16.73
15 mg x 1's$ 17.50
Oncobleo 15mg INJ / 1$ 17.50
Oncobleo 15 mg Injection$ 17.50
Oncobleocin (Chile, Colombia)
Tecnomicina (Brazil)
Tumocin 15 mg Injection$ 4.60
Tumocin 30 mg Injection$ 15.50

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