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Budenas uses and description

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Budenas - Indications: allergic rhinitis
Active ingredients: Budesonide
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List of budenas brand and generic drugs

Budena (Hongkong)
Budena 100 mcg/1 dose x 200 doses$ 120.00
Budenase AQ (Sri Lanka, Vietnam)
BUDENASE AQ Inhaler / NA (150 doses units)$ 2.77
Budenase AQ 100 mcg/1 dose x 150 metered doses
100 mcg x 1 puff x 150md$ 2.96
Budenase AQ Budesonide 100 mcg, Formoterolfumarate 6 mcg, Budesonide 200mcg, Formoterol fumarate 6mcg, Budesonide 400 mcg,Formoterol fumarate 6 mcg. CAP / 30$ 3.15
Budenase AQ 0.2 % w/v x 150 lieàu xòt
Budenase AQ 100 mcg/1 spray x 150 metered doses
Budenase AQ 100mcg x 1puff SPY / 150md$ 2.96
Budenase AQ 100 mcg Spray$ 0.02
Budenid (Switzerland)
Budenide (Malaysia)
Budenide Nasal Spray (Malaysia)
Budenide Nasal Spray 64 mcg x 120 doses
Budenite (Greece)
Budenobronch (Germany)
Budenocort (New Zealand)
Budenofalk (Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom)
Capsule; Oral; Budesonide 3 mg
Foam; Rectal; Budesonide 2 mg / dose
Budenofalk 3 mg x 100's$ 286.01
Budenofalk 3 mg x 50's$ 106.59
Budenofalk Uno (Estonia, Germany, Switzerland)
Budenosida Aldo Union (Spain)
Budeprol (Greece)
Budepur E
Buderen (Greece)
Buderex (Peru)
Buderhin (Poland)
Spray; Nasal; Budesonide 0.05 mg / dose
Budes (Germany)
Aerosol, Metered-Dose; Inhalation; Budesonide 0.05 mg / dose
Aerosol, Metered-Dose; Inhalation; Budesonide 0.2 mg / dose
Budes 64 mcg/1 dose x 120 doses
Budes Easyhaler (Germany)
Budes N (Germany)
Budes Nasenspray (Germany)
BUDESAL RESPULES Respiratory Capsule / 1mg (2.5ml units)$ 0.44
BUDESAL RESPULES Respiratory Capsule / 0.5mg (2.5ml units)$ 0.33
Budesal-0.5MG (India)
Budesal-0.5MG Salbutamol sulphate 2.5 mg,Budesonide 0.5 mg. RESP / 2.5ml$ 0.33
2.5ml$ 0.33
Budesal-0.5MG Salbutamol sulphate 2.5 mg,budesonide 0.5 mg. RESPULE / 2.5ml$ 0.33
Budesal-1MG (India)
Budesal-1MG Salbutamol sulphate 2.5 mg,Budesonide 1 mg. RESP / 2.5ml$ 0.44
2.5ml$ 0.44
Budesal-1MG Salbutamol sulphate 2.5 mg,budesonide 1 mg. RESPULE / 2.5ml$ 0.44
Budesan (Greece)

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