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CATASPA - Diclofenac (marketed as Voltaren and under a number of other trade names, see below) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain in conditions such as arthritis or acute injury. It can also be used to reduce menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea. The name is derived from its chemical name: 2-(2,6-dichloranilino)phenylacetic acid.

In the United Kingdom, India, and the United States, it may be supplied as either the sodium or potassium salt, in China most often as the sodium salt, while in some other countries only as the potassium salt. Diclofenac is available as a generic drug in a number of formulations. Over the counter (OTC) use is approved in some countries for minor aches and pains and fever associated with common infections.

Indications: GI spasm.

Irritable bowel syndrome.

Hyperperistalsis, peptic ulcer, functional diarrhoea.

Morning sickness and motion sickness.


Active ingredients: Diclofenac-Dicyclomine
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
CATASPA Capsule/ Tablet / 50mg - 20mg (10 units)$ 0.31
Cataspa Dicyclomine hydrochloride 20mg, Diclofenac potassium 50mg. TAB / 10$ 0.28
10's$ 0.28
Cataspa 20+50 Tablet$ 0.03

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DP - SPAS Injection / 25mg - 10mg per ml (2ml units)$ 0.17
DP - SPAS Injection / 25mg - 10mg per ml (30ml units)$ 1.30
RIDOSPAS Capsule/ Tablet / 50mg - 10mg (10 units)$ 0.15
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