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Camicil uses and description

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Camicil - Treatment of moderate to severe infections caused by susceptible organisms and in those who are unable to take oral ampicilin. Respiratory tract, soft tissue, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary and biliary tract infections. Gonorrhea, bacterial meningitis, septicemia, enteric fever and paratyphoid fever, bacterial endocarditis, listeriosis and other surgical infections.
Active ingredients: Ampicillin Na
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Camicil 1 g x 1 loï

List of camicil brand and generic drugs

Ancillina (Taiwan)
Ancillina 500 mg x 25's
Cilisod (Philippines)
Cilisod (vial) 1 g x 1's$ 3.38
Clovillin (Philippines)
Clovillin 1 g x 1's$ 3.25
Clovillin (Vial) 250 mg x 1's$ 1.75
Clovillin 250 mg x 5's$ 8.75
Dincil (Philippines)
Dincil 1 g x 50's
Dincil 250 mg x 50's
Dinpen (Philippines)
Dinpen 1 g x 50's
Duomin (Vietnam)
Duomin 1 g x 10 loï
Eurocin (Philippines)
Eurocin 1 g x 10's
Eurocin (Vial) 250 mg x 10's
Eurocin 500 mg x 10's
Gramcil (Philippines)
Gramcil 1 g x 1's
Gramcil 1 g x 10's
Gramcil (vial) 125 mg x 10's
Gramcil 250 mg x 1's
Gramcil 250 mg x 10's
Gramcil 500 mg x 1's
Gramcil 500 mg x 10's
Mapciril (Philippines)
Mapciril 1 g x 10's
Mapciril 250 mg x 10's
Mapciril 500 mg x 10's
Obocil (Philippines)
Obocil (vial) 500 mg x 10's
Obocil-100 (Philippines)
Obocil-100 (vial) 100 mg x 10's
Pan-Ampiciline (Vietnam)
Pan-Ampiciline 1 g x 25 loï
Pan-Ampiciline 500 mg x 25 loï
Pharmawealth Lab Ampicillin (Philippines)
Pharmawealth Lab Ampicillin 1 g x 10's
Pharmawealth Lab Ampicillin (vial) 250 mg x 10's
Pharmawealth Lab Ampicillin 500 mg x 10's
Phil Pharmawealth/Karnataka Ampicillin (Philippines)
Phil Pharmawealth/Karnataka Ampicillin 1 g x 10's
Phil Pharmawealth/Karnataka Ampicillin (vial) 250 mg x 10's
Rotocin (Philippines)
Rotocin (vial) 250 mg x 50's
Rotocin 500 mg x 50's
Shinapen (Philippines)
Shinapen 500 mg x 10's
Sodampen (Philippines)
Sodampen 1 g x 10's
Sodampen 250 mg x 10's
Sodampen 500 mg x 10's
Sodium Ampicillin (Taiwan)
Sodium Ampicillin (VPP) 250 mg x 1's
Sodium Ampicillin (VPP) 500 mg x 1's
Sulampi (Taiwan)
Sulampi 0.75 g
Sulampi 1.5 g
T P Ampicillin Sodium (Vietnam)
T P Ampicillin Sodium 1 g x 1 loï

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