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Cedur Retard

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Cedur Retard uses and description

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Cedur Retard - Cedur Retard is an antilipemic agent that lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. It decreases low density lipoproteins and increases high density lipoproteins. Cedur Retard lowers elevated blood lipids (triglycerides and cholesterol). Elevated VLDL and LDL are reduced by treatment with bezafibrate, whilst HDL-levels are increased. The activity of triglyceride lipases (lipoprotein lipase and hepatic lipoproteinlipase) involved in the catabolism of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins is increased by bezafibrate. In the course of the intensified degradation of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins (chylomicrons, VLDL) precursors for the formation of HDL are formed which explains an increase in HDL. Furthermore, cholesterol biosynthesis is reduced by bezafibrate, which is accompanied by a stimulation of the LDL-receptor-mediated lipoprotein catabolism. Elevated fibrinogen appears to be an important risk-factor, alongside the lipids, smoking and hypertension, in the development of atheroma. Fibrinogen plays an important role in viscosity, and therefore blood flow, and also appears to play an important role in thrombus development and lysability. Cedur Retard exerts an effect on thrombogenic factors. A significant decrease in elevated plasma fibrinogen levels can be achieved. This may lead, amongst other things, to a reduction in both blood and plasma viscosity. Inhibition of platelet aggregation has also been observed. A reduction in blood glucose concentration due to an increase in glucose tolerance has been reported in diabetic patients. In the same patients, the concentration of fasting and postprandial free fatty acids was reduced by bezafibrate.

Cedur Retard helps lower your cholesterol and triglyceride (fat) levels. Excessive cholesterol and fat in your body can clog up your blood vessels. This can lead to many health problems such as strokes and heart disease, including heart attacks. Cedur Retard is meant to be taken as part of a complete cholesterol management programme that should include exercise, a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Oral Hyperlipidaemias

Adult: 200 mg tid, may increase dose gradually over 5-7 days.

Maintenance: 200 mg bid. As modified-release preparation: 400 mg daily. Renal impairment: Contraindicated in dialysis patients. CrCl (ml/min) Dosage Recommendation 40-60 400 mg daily 15-40 200 mg daily or on alternate days <15 Contraindicated

Indications: Hyperlipidaemia s.

Active ingredients: Bezafibrate
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Tablet, Retard; Oral; Bezafibrate 400 mg

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Cegelin (Taiwan)
Cegelin 200 mg
Chaze (Taiwan)
Chaze 200 mg x 1000's
Chinsa (Taiwan)
Chinsa 200 mg
Chinsalo (Taiwan)
Chinsalo 200 mg
Tablet; Oral; Bezafibrate 200 mg
Cloestin (Taiwan)
Cloestin 200 mg
Colibrate (Taiwan)
Colibrate 200 mg
Decrilip (Indonesia)
Decrilip 200 mg x 10's$ 36.21
Difaterol (Spain)
Difaterol Retard (Spain)
Dyna-Bezafibrate (South Africa)
Elpi Lip (Argentina)
Eulitop (Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain)
Evicta (Thailand)
Evicta 200 mg x 10 x 10's
Evicta 200 mg x 500's
Fevilon (Taiwan)
Fevilon 200 mg
Getup 400 mg Tablet$ 0.13
Getup 50 mg Tablet$ 0.30
GLOBEZ Capsule/ Tablet / 200mg (3 x 10 units)$ 4.21
Globez 200 mg Tablet$ 0.14
Kenperate (Japan)
Lacromid (Cyprus)
Lesbest (Mexico)
Ligisin (Taiwan)
Ligisin 200 mg x 30's
Ligisin 200 mg x 500's
Lipocor (Sri Lanka)
Lipox Bezafibrat (Chile, Germany)
Midenal L (Japan)
Modobil SR (Japan)
Natoris SR (Japan)

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