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Choriomon uses and description

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Choriomon - Indications: cryptorchidism, male hypogonadism, delayed puberty, anovulatory infertility

Indications: male and female infertility, cryptorchidism, delayed puberty, male hypogonadism

Prepubertal cryptorchidism not caused by anatomical obstruction; selected cases of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (eg, hypogonadism secondary to pituitary deficiency) in men; induction of ovulation in anovulatory, infertile women in whom the cause of anovulation is secondary and not caused by primary ovarian failure and who have been appropriately pretreated with human menotropins.

Indications: Amenorrhoea and infertility.

Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in males.


To aid in vitro fertilization.

Choriomon, also called as Human Choriomon (HCG), is prescribed to induce ovulation in infertility in women and to treat pituitary gland disorders such as prepubertal cryptorchidism without anatomical obstruction and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in males.

Active ingredients: Chorionic Gonadotrophin
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 500 units
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 1000 units
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 2000 units
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 5000 units
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 10,000 units
Choriomon 2000iu AMP / 3$ 8.61
Choriomon 5000iu AMP / 3$ 13.37
2000 IU x 3's$ 8.61
5000 IU x 3's$ 13.37
Choriomon 2000 iu Injection$ 2.87
Choriomon 5000 iu Injection$ 4.46

List of choriomon brand and generic drugs

Choragon (Bahrain, Belgium, Egypt, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Yemen)
Choragon 5000 iu Injection$ 7.87
Chorionic Gonadotrophin (Argentina)
Chorionic Gonadotrophin - Livzon (China)
Chorionic Gonadotropin (Canada, United States)
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 10,000 units
Chorioninis gonadotropinas (Lithuania)
Chortropin (United States)
Chorulon (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
Injectable; Injection; Chorionic Gonadotropin 1,000 units / ml
Corion (India)
CORION Injection / 1000 i.u. (3 units)$ 8.33
CORION Injection / 5000 i.u. (1 units)$ 6.20
CORION Injection / 2000 i.u. (3 units)$ 15.56
CORION Injection / 10000 i.u. (1 units)$ 11.11
Corion 2000iu AMP / 1$ 5.89
Corion 5000iu AMP / 1$ 7.33
2000 IU x 1's$ 5.89
5000 IU x 1's$ 7.33
Corion 5000 iu Injection$ 8.87
Corion 2000 iu Injection$ 6.46
Corion 1000 iu Injection$ 3.46
Corion 10000 iu Injection$ 14.44
Corlova (India)
Corlova 5000iu VIAL / 1$ 7.04
1's$ 7.04
Corlova 5000 iu Injection$ 7.04
Corulon (Italy)
Critirop 2000 IU INJ / 1$ 4.63
Critirop 5000 IU INJ / 1$ 8.15
Dinaron (Argentina)
Endocorion (Argentina)
Evahope-HP (India)
Evahope-HP 2000 IU VIAL / 1$ 5.56
Evahope-HP 5000 IU VIAL / 1$ 8.33
Evahope-HP 10000 IU VIAL / 1$ 15.19
2000 IU x 1's$ 5.56
5000 IU x 1's$ 8.33
10000 IU x 1's$ 15.19
Fergonad C
Fergonad C 1000 iu Injection$ 10.37
Fergonad C 5000 iu Injection$ 7.41
Follutein (United States)
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 10,000 units
Gestoron (Japan)
Gestron (New Zealand)
Gonacor (Argentina, Chile, Peru)
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 5000 IU
Gonadotraphon LH (Bahrain, Cyprus, Libya, United Arab Emirates)
Gonadotrophine Chorionique Endo (France)
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 1,500 IU / ml
Injectable; Injection; Gonadotropin, Chorionic 5,000 IU / ml

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