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Chymoral uses and description

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Chymoral - Chymoral is a digestive enzyme that can perform proteolysis. Chymotrypsin preferentially cleaves peptide amide bonds where the carboxyl side of the amide bond (the P1 position) is a tyrosine, tryptophan, or phenylalanine. These amino acids contain an aromatic ring in their sidechain  that fits into a 'hydrophobic pocket' (the S1 position) of the enzyme. The hydrophobic and shape complementarity between the peptide substrate P1  sidechain and the enzyme S1 binding cavity accounts for the substrate specificity of this enzyme. Chymoral also hydrolyzes other amide bonds in peptides at slower rates, particularly those containing leucine at the P1 position.

Indications: inflammatory disorders

Indications: inflammation, oedema

All inflammatory conditions (deep or superficial haematoma) in view of its enzymatic properties, -AlphaChymotrypsin® 5mg is indicated in a very broad range of therapeutic applications such as: In Surgery and Traumatology: Post-operative and post-fracture oedema, haematoma and sprains. In Gynaecology: Endo and exocervicitis, tubal sterility, chronic metritis and salpingitis and post-partum mammary engorgement. In Pneumology: Chronic bronchopathies and suppurative pulmonary conditions. In Oto-Rhino-Laryngology: Sinusitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis, adhesive otitis and syringitis. In Rheumatology: Arthritis, periarthritis and Dupuytren’s contracture. In Dermatology: Anthraxes, furuncles, abscesses, ulcers, eschars and cheloid scars.

Active ingredients: Chymotrypsin/Trypsin
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Chymoral Trypsin,Chymotrypsin100000units EC-TAB / 10$ 1.83
50000 AU x 10's$ 1.16
Chymoral 50000 units Tablet$ 0.12
Chymoral Trypsin, Chymotrypsin 50000 AU TAB / 10$ 1.16

List of chymoral brand and generic drugs

Chymobel Forte (India)
Chymobel Forte (Chymotrypsin, Trypsin)100000units TAB / 100$ 18.33
100000 units x 100's$ 18.33
Chymobel Forte 100000 units Tablet$ 0.18
Chymotrypsin/Trypsin (India)
Orthal Forte (India)
20's$ 3.31
Orthal Forte (Chymotrypsin, Trypsin) TAB / 20$ 3.31
Parenzyme Enzimas
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