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Cupripen uses and description

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Cupripen - Cupripen is a chelating agent used in the treatment of Wilson's disease. It is also used to reduce cystine excretion in cystinuria and to treat patients with severe, active rheumatoid arthritis unresponsive to conventional therapy. Cupripen is used as a form of immunosuppression to treat rheumatoid arthritis. It works by reducing numbers of T-lymphocytes, inhibiting macrophage function, decreasing IL-1, decreasing rheumatoid factor, and preventing collagen from cross-linking. Its use in Wilson's disease, a rare genetic disorder of copper metabolism, relies on its binding to accumulated copper and elimination through urine.

Indication: For treatment of Wilson's disease, cystinuria and active rheumatoid arthritis

Indications: cystinuria

Indications: wilson`s disease, heavy-metal poisoning, cystinuria, rheumatoid arthritis

RA, juvenile RA, symptomatic & asymptomatic Wilson’s disease, cystinuria, cystinosis, heavy metal poisoning, primary biliary cirrhosis, chronic active hepatitis, scleroderma, particularly if associated w/ interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, benign hyperglobulinemic purpura.

Active ingredients: Penicillamine
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List of cupripen brand and generic drugs

Cuprimine (Argentina, Canada, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, United States)
Capsule; Oral; D-Penicillamine 250 mg
Cuprimine 250 mg x 100's
100 capsule in 1 bottle
Cupripren (Chile)
D-Penamine (Australia, New Zealand)
Tablet; Oral; D-Penicillamine 125 mg
Tablet; Oral; D-Penicillamine 250 mg
D-Penil (Peru)
Depen (United States)
Tablet; Oral; Penicillamine 250 mg
Distamine (Ireland, United Kingdom)
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; D-Penicillamine 125 mg
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; D-Penicillamine 250 mg
Distamine 500 mg Tablet$ 2.24
Distamine 150 mg Tablet$ 1.33
Distamine 125 / 250mg Film-coated tablets (United Kingdom)
Mercaptyl (Switzerland)
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; Penicillamine 150 mg
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; Penicillamine 300 mg
Metalcaptase (Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Taiwan)
Tablet, Enteric Coated; Oral; Penicillamine 150 mg
Tablet, Enteric Coated; Oral; Penicillamine 300 mg
Metalcaptase 150 mg
Metalcaptase 300 mg x 20's
Pemine (Italy)
250 mg x 10's$ 2.78
Penicillamine (Austria, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen)
Penicillamine(d-) powder$ 8.88
Cuprimine 250 mg capsule$ 5.63
Depen 250 mg titratab$ 4.73
Penicillamine powder$ 2.81
Penicillamine Ifet (Greece)
Penicitin 250mg CAP / 10$ 2.74
Trolovol (France)
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; Penicillamine 300 mg

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