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Dermazol cream,lotio

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Dermazol cream,lotio uses and description

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Dermazol cream,lotio - For the treatment of skin infections due to dermatophytes (e.g. trycophyton species), yeasts (e.g. candida species), moulds and other fungi. These include ringworm (tinea) infections, athlete’s foot, paronychia, pityriasis versicolor, erythrasma and intertrigo, as well as fungal nappy rash, candidal vulvitis and candidal balanitis.
Active ingredients: Clotrimazole
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List of dermazol cream,lotio brand and generic drugs

Dermicare (India)
Dermicare 1% w/w CRM / 15g$ 0.70
1 % w/w x 15g$ 0.70
Dermicare-B (India)
Dermicare-B Clotrimazole 1 % w/w,Beclometasone dipropionate0.025 % w/w. CRM / 15g$ 0.74
15g$ 0.74
Dermicol (Peru)
Dermiplus-V (Peru)
Dermizole (Thailand)
Dermizole 1 % x 5 g
Dermizole Vaginal Tablet (Thailand)
Dermizole Vaginal Tablet 500 mg x 1's
Dermo Four
Dermo Four Skin 10 gm Ointment$ 0.52
Dermosporin (Sri Lanka)
Desamix F
Diomicete (Portugal)
Dr. Scholl's (Argentina)
Drep (India)
Drep Clotrimazole 1 % w/v,Beclometasone dipropionate0.025 % w/v, Lidocainehydrochloride 2 % w/v,Ofloxacin 0.3 % w/v. EAR-DPS / 5ml$ 0.65
5ml$ 0.65
Drep Ear 5 ml Drop$ 0.65
Cream; Topical; Clotrimazole
Dydrozole Skin 15 gm Cream$ 1.37
Efasit Med
Cream; Vaginal; Clotrimazole
Spray; Vaginal; Clotrimazole
Elcid (Japan)
170ml$ 0.83
Elcid Magaldrate 400 mg, simethicone20 mg. SYR / 170ml$ 0.83
Eligao (India)
Eligao Chloramphenicol 5 %,Lignocaine 2 %, Clotrimazole 1%, Beclometasone 0.025 %. EAR-DPS / 5ml$ 0.74
5ml$ 0.74
Eligao Chloramphenicol 5 %,Lignocaine 2 %, clotrimazole 1%, Beclometasone 0.025 %. EAR-DPS / 5ml$ 0.74
Empecid (Argentina, Japan)
Cream; Topical; Clotrimazole 1%
Empecid Crema
Cream; Topical; Clotrimazole 1%
Empecid Gyno
Cream; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 1%
Empecid Gyno 1 dia
Tablet; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 500 mg
Tablets; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 500 mg
Empecid Gyno 3 dias
Capsule; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 200 mg
Capsules; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 200 mg
Empecid Gyno 6 dias
Capsule; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 100 mg
Capsules; Vaginal; Clotrimazole 100 mg
Empecid Polvo
Powder; Topical; Clotrimazole
Empecid Solucion
Solution; Topical; Clotrimazole
Empecid Spray
Spray; Topical; Clotrimazole
Emvate-C Beclomethasone dipropionate0.05 % w/v, Clotrimazole 1 %. LOTION / 25ml$ 1.04

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