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Digox uses and description

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Digox - Digoxin, also known as digitalis, is a purified cardiac glycoside extracted from the foxglove plant, Digitalis lanata.[2] Its corresponding aglycone is digoxigenin, and its acetyl derivative is acetyldigoxin. Digoxin is widely used in the treatment of various heart conditions, namely atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and sometimes heart failure that cannot be controlled by other medication. Digoxin preparations are commonly marketed under the trade names Lanoxin, Digitek, and Lanoxicaps. It is also available as a 0.05mg/mL oral solution and 0.25mg/mL or 0.5mg/mL injectable solution.

Digox is used to treat heart failure and certain types of heart disease in which the heart rhythm is irregular, such as atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. Digox works by giving better control over your heart rate and rhythm. It also improves the contraction power of your heart.

Indications: arrhythmias, heart failure

Indications: heart failure, arrhythmias

Heart failure,Supraventricular arrhythmias,Emergency heart failure.

Indications: Congestive heart failure, cardiac tachyarrhythmias (Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter and fibrillation.

Active ingredients: Beta-Acetyldigoxin
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.1 mg
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.2 mg
DIGOX Capsule/ Tablet / 0.25mg (10 units)$ 0.04
Digox 0.25mg TAB / 10$ 0.04
0.25 mg x 10's$ 0.04
Digox 0.25 mg Tablet$ 0.00

List of digox brand and generic drugs

Beta Acigoxin
Cardioreg Tablets
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin
Digostada Mite
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.2 mg
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.1 mg
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.2 mg
Digox Mite
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.1 mg
Digoxin Didier
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin
Gladixol N
Novodigal Mite
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.1 mg
Tablet; Oral; Beta-Acetyldigoxin 0.2 mg
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