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Disflatyl uses and description

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Disflatyl - Relieves accumulation of gas in the GIT, sensation of pressure and fullness in the epigastrium, temporary meteorism, gastrocardiac syndrome. Also used in preparation for x-ray examination (stomach, intestine, gallbladder, kidney) and before gastroscopy.

Indications: flatulence, preparation for gastrointestinal investigations

Indications: flatulence, meteorism, aerophagia, preparation for gastrointestinal investigations

Indications: gastrointestinal disorders associated with excess gas, adjunct in gastrointestinal investigations

Bloating & flatulence; prep for radiological & other investigations of the upper GIT.

Relief of painful symptoms and pressure of excess gas in digestive tract; adjunct in treatment of many conditions in which gas retention may be problem, such as postoperative gaseous distention and pain, endoscopic examination, air swallowing, functional dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, spastic or irritable colon, diverticulosis. Unlabeled UsesTreatment of infant colic.

Active ingredients: Simeticone
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Disflatyl 40 mg x 30's$ 4.37
Disflatyl 40 mg x 100's$ 17.93
Disflatyl 40 mg x 500's
Disflatyl Forte 80 mg x 500's
Disflatyl 40 mg/1 mL x 30 mL

List of disflatyl brand and generic drugs

Dimol (India)
Dimol 40 mg Tablet$ 0.01
Disolgas (Spain)
Elugan (Germany)
Endo-Paractol (Germany)
Enterosilicona (Spain)
Enzovit (India)
Enzovit Pancreatin, Bile Constituent,Hemicellulase, Simethicone TAB / 10$ 1.11
10's$ 1.11
Enzovit Pancreatin , bile constituent, hemicellulase , simethicone. TAB / 10$ 1.11
Espasmodonal (Ecuador)
Espumisan L (Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia)
Factor A-G (Argentina)
Flacol (Bangladesh)
Flapex (Chile, Peru)
Drops; Oral; Simethicone 40 mg / ml
Tablet; Oral; Simethicone 40 mg
Flatoril (Bahrain, Venezuela)
Flatulex (Switzerland, United States)
Flatulex 80+250 Capsule$ 0.01
Flatumed (Peru)
Flucolic (Brazil)
Gas-MM (Thailand)
Gas-MM 80 mg x 50 x 10's
Gas-X (Thailand, United States)
Gas-X (foil) 5 x 6's
Gas-X (foil) 50 x 10's
GasAid (United States)
Gaselab (Peru)
Gaseless Flash (Peru)
Gaseo BB (Peru)
Gaseoflat (Peru)
Gaseoliq (Peru)
Gaseoplus (Peru)
Gaseovet (Peru)
Gasless (Vietnam)
Gasless 125 mg x 6 Blister x 10 Tablet
Gasofilm 62.5mg FILM / 1$ 0.19
Gassi (Thailand)
Gassi 40 mg/0.6 mL x 15 mL
Gassof (Chile)
Suspension; Oral; Simethicone 200 mg / 5 ml
Gastrosil (Austria, Germany, Poland)
Drops; Oral; Metoclopramide Hydrochloride
Injectable; Injection; Metoclopramide Hydrochloride
Tablet; Oral; Metoclopramide Hydrochloride
Gastyl (Thailand)
Gastyl 80 mg x 50 x 10's
Gastyl 80 mg x 500's$ 30.00
Gasvet Flat (Peru)
Gazim (Israel)
Genasyme (United States)
Imodium Multi-Sympton Relief (United States)

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