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DUOLAXIN uses and description

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DUOLAXIN - In chemistry, paraffin is a term that can be used synonymously with "alkane", indicating hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH2n+2. Paraffin wax refers to a mixture of alkanes that falls within the 20 ≤ n ≤ 40 range; they are found in the solid state at room temperature and begin to enter the liquid phase past approximately 37°C.
Active ingredients: Liquid paraffin-Milk of Magnesia
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
DUOLAXIN Liquid / 1.25ml - 3.75ml per 5ml (200ml units)$ 0.88
Duolaxin Liqd paraffin 1.25ml,Mg(OH)23.75ml/5ml SUSP / 200ml$ 1.15
200ml$ 0.55
Duolaxin 200 ml Suspension$ 0.02

List of duolaxin brand and generic drugs

Liquid paraffin-Milk of Magnesia
SOFTYLAX Liquid / 3.75ml - 11.25ml per 15ml (200ml units)$ 0.94
TRULAX (India)
TRULAX Liquid / 3.75ml - 11.25ml per 15ml (170ml units)$ 0.67
170ml$ 0.88
Trulax 170 ml Syrup$ 0.03
Trulax Liquid paraffin 3.75 mL,magnesium hydroxide 11.25 mL. LIQD / 170ml$ 0.88
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