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Epilene-C uses and description

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Epilene-C - Epilene-C is a third-generation topical retinoid primarily used in the treatment of mild-moderate acne and is also used (off-label) to treat keratosis pilaris as well as other skin conditions. It is currently marketed by Galderma under the trade names Differin in some countries, and Adaferin in India. In the United States, Epilene-C is now being distributed as "Epiduo (TM) Gel." This acne treatment which is new to the market also contains benzoyl peroxide.

Clindamycin is a lincosamide antibiotic. It is usually used to treat infections with anaerobic bacteria but can also be used to treat some protozoal diseases, such as malaria. It is a common topical treatment for acne and can be useful against some methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections. The most severe common adverse effect of clindamycin is Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (the most frequent cause of pseudomembranous colitis).Although this side-effect occurs with almost all antibiotics, including beta-lactam antibiotics, it is classically linked to clindamycin use.

Clindamycin is marketed under various trade names, including CLINCIN, Dalacin, Clindacin, Cleocin, and Evoclin (clindamycin by itself), Duac, BenzaClin, and Clindoxyl and Acanya (in combination with benzoyl peroxide), and Ziana (with tretinoin). Clindamycin is also available as a generic drug.

Active ingredients: Adapalene
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Epilene-C Adapalene 0.1 %, Clindamycin 1%. CRM / 15g$ 1.94
15g$ 1.94

List of epilene-c brand and generic drugs

Edplin-C adapalene 0.1%,Clindamycin 1% CREAM / 15gm$ 2.22
Evalen (Indonesia)
Evalen 1 mg x 10 g x 1's$ 3.83
Excex Adapalene 0.1%,Clindamycin 1% CREAM / 15gm$ 1.83
Excex Adapalene 0.1%, Clindamycin 1% CREAM / 15gm$ 1.83
Faceclin A
Faceclin A Skin 15 gm Gel$ 0.18
Feeling (Taiwan)
Feeling 1 mg/1 g x 1 g
Feeling 1 mg/1 g x 5 g
Feeling 1 mg/1 g x 15 g
Feeling 1 mg/1 g x 30 g
Feeling 1 mg/1 g x 40 g
Feeling 1 mg/1 g x 200 g
Flamir (Chile)
Gel; Topical; Adapalene 0.1 g; Carbomer 940; Edetate Disodium; Methylparaben; Phenoxyethanol; Poloxamer 407; Polypropylene Glycol; Sodium Hydroxide; Water Purified / 100 g
Fona (Bangladesh)
Galaxin (Peru)
Klenzit (Philippines)
Klenzit -C 1 tuyùp 15 g
Klenzit MS 1 tuyùp 15 g
Klenzit -MS 0.1 % x 15 g$ 9.88
Klenzit 0.1 % w/w x 5 g$ 4.95
Klenzit 0.1 % w/w x 15 g$ 9.62
Klenzit MS 1 mg x 1 tuyùp 15 g
Kwaie (Taiwan)
Kwaie 1 mg/1 g x 1 g
Kwaie 1 mg/1 g x 5 g
Kwaie 1 mg/1 g x 15 g
Kwaie 1 mg/1 g x 30 g
Kwaie 1 mg/1 g x 40 g
Kwaie 1 mg/1 g x 200 g
Leneda (Mexico)
Lidalene (Taiwan)
Lidalene 1 mg/1 g x 1 g
Lidalene 1 mg/1 g x 5 g
Lidalene 1 mg/1 g x 15 g
Lidalene 1 mg/1 g x 30 g
Lidalene 1 mg/1 g x 40 g
Lidalene 1 mg/1 g x 200 g
May Do (Taiwan)
May Do 0.1 % x 1 g
May Do 0.1 % x 5 g
May Do 0.1 % x 15 g
May Do 0.1 % x 20 g
May Do 0.1 % x 30 g
May Do 0.1 % x 200 g
0.1 % w/w x 15g
Medapine 0.1% w/w GEL / 15g
Niffulene (Taiwan)
Niffulene 1 mg/1 g x 1 g

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