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Flexozin uses and description

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Flexozin - Pharmacology: OTC

May deplete and prevent reaccumulation of substance P, a principal transmitter of pain impulses, from periphery to CNS.


Causes an initial enhanced stimulation of the transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 receptor (TRPV1)–expressing cutaneous nociceptors, which is followed by pain relief thought to be mediated by a reduction in TRPV1-expressing nociceptive nerve endings.

Indication: OTC

Temporary relief of pain from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle strains, sprains, bruises, and backache; relief of neuralgias (eg, pain after shingles, diabetic neuropathy).

For the management of neuropathic pain associated with postherpetic neuralgia.

Unlabeled Uses

Temporary relief of pain of psoriasis, vitiligo, intractable pruritus, postmastectomy and postamputation neuroma (phantom limb syndrome), vulvar vestibulitis, apocrine chromidrosis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

1. For the symptomatic relief of neuralgia associated with the following Herpes Zoster infections (post-herpetic neuralgia) after open skin lesions have healed.2. For the symptomatic management of painful diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy.

Active ingredients: Capsaicin
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Flexozin 20 g x 1's$ 5.05

List of flexozin brand and generic drugs

Finalgon Capsicum
Cream; Topical; Capsaicin
Frenac Power Gel
Frenac Power Gel Diclofenac sodium 1 % w/w,linseed oil 3 % w/w, capsaicin0.025 % w/w, methyl salicylate10 % w/w, menthol 5 % w/w. T-GEL / 30g
Gelcen (Greece, Spain)
Hansamedic (Belgium, Luxembourg)
Hansapflast ABC Wärme Pflaster (Luxembourg)
Hansaplast (Austria, Greece)
Hansaplast Wärme-Creme (Austria)
Hansaterm (Spain)
Jin Lang (China)
Katrum (Spain)
Lakota Topical Pain Reliever Arthritis Pain
Gel; Topical; Capsaicin 0.025%
Menzza NP (Malaysia)
Menzza NP 0.075 % w/w x 25 g
Menzza OA (Malaysia)
Menzza OA 0.025 % w/w x 25 g
Menzza OA 0.025 % w/w x 1's
Myolaxin-D Spy
Myolaxin-D Spy Capsaicin 0.075 % w/w, methylsalicylate 20 % w/w, menthol10 %, camphor 5 % w/w,eucalyptus oil 5 % w/w,diclofenac diethylamine 1.16 %w/w. T-SPY / 35g$ 1.41
Myspar Gel
Myspar Gel Diclofenac diethylamine 1.16 %w/w, linseed oil 3 % w/w,capsaicin 0.025 % w/w, methylsalicylate 10 % w/w, menthol 5% w/w. T-GEL / 30g$ 1.28
Nature Works Swedish Bitters Capsaicin Cream
Cream; Topical; Capsaicin 0.025%
Neurocreme Doxepin hydrochloride 3.3 %w/w, capsaicin 0.05 % w/w,benzyl alcohol 1 % w/w. CRM / 30g$ 0.78
New Tiger Plaster (Georgia)
No Pain-HP
Nsul Gel
Nsul Gel 30 gm Gel$ 0.78
Ostocin (Bangladesh)
Ou Tong (China)
Picasum (Spain)
Presyc (Chile)
Cream; Topical; Capsaicin 0.025%
Qutenza (Germany, United States)
Relaxyl-DA Diclofenac diethylamine 1.16 %w/w, methyl salicylate 5 %w/w, mephenesin 10 % w/w,linseed oil 3 % w/w, capsaicin0.025 % w/w, menthol 5 % w/w. T-GEL / 30g$ 0.92
Rid-a-Pain HP
RUB A-535 Antiphlogistine Capsaicin (Canada)
Rub A535
Cream; Topical; Capsaicin 0.05%
Satogesic (Japan)
Satogesic 35 g
Sensedol (Spain)
Sensocaps (Greece)
Supamove Crm
Supamove Crm diclofenac sodium 1 % w/w,methyl salicylate 10 % w/w,menthol 5 % w/w, capsaicin0.025 % w/w. CRM / 30g$ 1.65
Super Arthritis Pain Relief
Liquid; Topical; Capsaicin (Capsicum Oleoresin) 0.025%
Tantum C
Tantum C 20 gm Gel$ 1.02
Theragen (Singapore)
Theragen 0.025 % x 15 g x 1's
Theragen 0.025 % x 60 g x 1's
Theragen 0.075 % x 60 g x 1's
Vorwerk Chili Brand Porous Capsicum Plaster
Patch; Topical; Capsaicin 3%

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