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Geritamin uses and description

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Geritamin - Tocopherol (vitamin e) has an antioxidant effect, is involved in the biosynthesis of heme and proteins, cell proliferation, tissue respiration, and other critical processes of tissue metabolism, prevents hemolysis of red blood cells, prevents increased permeability and capillary fragility. This medication fills a shortage of vitamin E. Inhibits free radical reactions, prevents the formation of peroxides that damage cellular and subcellular membranes. Stimulates the synthesis of heme and heme containing enzymes - hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochromes, catalase and peroxidase. Improves tissue respiration, stimulates the synthesis of proteins (collagen, enzymes, structural and contractile proteins of skeletal and smooth muscle, the myocardium), protects against oxidation of vitamin A. Inhibits the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and selenium (a component of microsomal electron transport system). Inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol. From the gastrointestinal tract is slowly absorbed about 50%, the highest level in the blood after 4 hours for absorption requires bile acids. In the process of absorption forms a complex with lipoproteins, which are intracellular carriers of vitamin E. Comes mainly in the lymph, then - in the general circulation, where it binds primarily to alpha-1 and beta-lipoprotein, in part - to serum albumin. When metabolic protein transport is difficult. Deposited in the adrenal glands, pituitary, testes, fat and muscle tissue, erythrocytes and liver. Undergoes metabolism and is excreted from the body (in unmodified form and as metabolites) in bile (90%) and urine (about 6%).

Indications: vitamin a and e deficiency

Indications: vitamin e supplement

a vitamin mixture which can be used as a dietary supplement and to treat the defficiency of these vitamins during diseases and it could be combined with minerals and it could be used as an ocular ointment or drops or as a dermatic cream or ointment these vitamins could be single in some forms of medicines to treat the specific defficiency in this particular vitakmin.

Active ingredients: Retinol/Tocopherol/α-
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List of geritamin brand and generic drugs

Animedica K-6 (Germany)
Aquaject A (South Africa)
Auxina A+E (Spain)
Capivit (Latvia, Lithuania)
Capivit A+E (Slovenia)
Coldistop (Austria, Switzerland)
Oil; Nasal; Vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate) 15,000 IU; Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) 20 mg / ml
Cy Vit (South Africa)
Eviol-A (Greece)
Evitex (Italy)
Evitex A + E (Spain)
Gerogelat (Austria)
Capsule; Oral; Vitamin A (Vitamin A Palmitate); Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate)
Juvela (Japan)
Obervit A (South Africa)
Oral Vit A (South Africa)
Pro Vit A (South Africa)
Retinol/Tocopherol/α- (Italy)
Tokovit A+E (Poland)
Vit A Plus (South Africa)
Vit Aid Vitamin A (South Africa)
Vitamin A & E Pharco (Georgia)
Vitamin A+E GSK (Malta)
Vitamin A+E Hevert (Germany)
Vitaminas A+E (Lithuania)
Vitaminum A+E (Latvia)
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