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Glutoxim uses and description

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Glutoxim - Indications: immunodeficiency, ionising radiation trauma, hepatitis b and c, viral infections, tuberculosis

Detoxificationo Heavy metal toxicity including mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium:o Common toxins that Glutoxim may help protect against are car exhaust, cigarette smoke, aspirin and alcohol o Pesticide and industrial chemical exposureo Steroidso Bacterial toxins (Clostridia difficile)o Pharmaceuticals (very long list that need to be detoxified by the liver) · Immune enhancement: 1-3 g q.d. This is especially effective against clostridium in the GI. It helps prevent translocation.· Psoriasis· Diabetes mellitus: Especially in ketosis as DM patients will generally excrete increased amounts of sulfur containing amino acids.· Liver disease including cirrhosis and fatty liver disease caused by alcohol: Studies show mild effects at large doses· Ulcers intestinal or stomach: In patients with stomach ulcers low levels of GSH have been found.· Aspirin or phenacetin overdose (useful for rheumatoid arthritis patients or chronic pain sufferers on 8 or more aspirin/day)· Hematological conditions: myelofibrosis, acute leukemia, chronic myelocytic leukemia, lymphoma, polycythemia vera· Alcoholism· Before ionizing radiation therapy· Cataracts· Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers, ALS, MS and other neurologic conditions including Autism/Pervasive Developmental Delay· Chronic kidney failure

Active ingredients: Glutathione
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Injectable; Injection; Glutathione Disodium 0.5%
Injectable; Injection; Glutathione Disodium 1%
Injectable; Injection; Glutathione Disodium 3%

List of glutoxim brand and generic drugs

Glutatione Germed (Italy)
Gluthion (Italy)
Glutide (Japan)
600 mg x 1's$ 2.78
Gluton Inj 600 mg Injection$ 2.78
Gulading (China)
I Site Forte Capsule
I Site Forte Capsule$ 0.25
Isethion (Japan)
Landelution S (Japan)
Lv Ting Nuo (China)
Neuthione (Japan)
Panaron (India)
Panaron Amiodarone hydrochloride. TAB / 6$ 0.32
6's$ 0.32
Pinethion (Japan)
Ridutox (Italy)
Rition (Italy)
Saluta (Vietnam)
Saluta 300 mg x 10 loï
Song Tai Si (China)
Tad (China, Georgia, Hong Kong, Italy)
TAD 323 mg/3 mL x 5 oáng vaø dung moâi
TAD 646 mg/4 mL x 5 oáng vaø dung moâi
Tad 300 323 mg/3 mL x 5's$ 110.00
Tad 600 646 mg/4 mL x 5's$ 160.00
TAD 323.3 mg/3 mL x 5 oáng vaø dung moâi
Tathion (Japan)
Tian Yi (China)
Tian Yu (China)

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