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Inhibitron F

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Inhibitron F uses and description

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Inhibitron F - Inhibitron F is an inhibitor of H+ K+ ATPase. This medication inhibits the activity of H+-K+-ATPase in gastric parietal cells and thus blocks the final stage of hydrochloric acid secretion. This leads to a reduction in basal and stimulated secretion, regardless of the nature of the stimulus. Due to the reduction of acid secretion Inhibitron F reduces or normalizes the effects of acid in the esophagus in patients with reflux esophagitis.

Inhibitron F has a bactericidal effect on Helicobacter pylori. Eradication of H. pylori when Inhibitron F used with antibiotics allows to quickly arrest the symptoms, to take a high degree of healing of damaged mucosa and persistent long-term remission and reduce the likelihood of bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.

Active ingredients: Omeprazole
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Capsule; Oral; Omeprazole 40 mg
Capsules; Oral; Omeprazole 40 mg

List of inhibitron f brand and generic drugs

Inhibitron Infusion
Injectable; Injection; Omeprazole Sodium 40 mg
Inhiplex (Greece)
Inhipump (Indonesia)
Inhipump 20 mg x 7's$ 7.07
Inhipump (vial) 40 mg x 1's$ 10.09
Capsules; Oral; Omeprazole 20 mg
Inlock 20 mg Capsule$ 0.07
Inlock 50 mg Injection$ 0.04
Inlock DSR
Inlock DSR 20+20+10 Capsule$ 0.13
Inomsec (Vietnam)
Inomsec 40 mg x 1 loï boät vaø 1 oáng nöôùc caát 10 mL
Inpro (Bangladesh)
Intas Ometab (Vietnam)
Intas Ometab-20 (Vietnam)
Intas Ometab-20 20 mg x 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Inzod 20+10 Capsule$ 0.09
Ipirasa (Spain)
Ipproton (Tunisia)
Iscozole 20 mg Capsule$ 0.07
Jalan 20mg CAP / 10$ 0.56
Jalan 20 mg Capsule$ 0.06
Javcid 20mg CAP / 10x10$ 0.63
Javcid 20 mg Capsule$ 0.06
Jenas 20mg TAB / 10$ 0.65
Jenas 20 mg Tablet$ 0.06
Ji Li (China)
Jin Ao Kang (China)
JOMEE (India)
20 mg x 10's
Jomee 20mg CAP / 10
Jomez 20 mg Capsule$ 0.07
JOTAC (India)
20 mg x 200's$ 14.44
Jotac 20mg CAP / 200$ 14.44
Ke Di Sheng (China)
Keprazole 20mg CAP / 10x10$ 7.31
Keprazole 20 mg Capsule$ 0.07
Kerlofin (Greece)
Kexid 20 mg Capsule$ 0.06
Kimocid 20 mg Tablet$ 0.07
Klocid 20 mg Capsule$ 0.07
Klocid DM
Klocid DM 20+10 Capsule$ 0.08
Klocid-20 20mg CAP / 10$ 0.74
Klomeprax (Argentina)
Komezo-20 (Georgia)
Komezol (Italy)

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