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K-BIND uses and description

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K-BIND - Indications: hyperkalaemia

this medicine (K-BIND) is indicated in patients with hyperkalemiaassociated with anuria or severe oliguria. It reduces serum levels of potassium and removesexcess potassium from the body. this medicine is indicated in all states of hyperkalemia dueto acute and chronic renal failure; examples include use following abortion, complicated labor,incompatible blood transfusion, crush injury, prostatectomy, severe burns, surgical shock, and incases of severe glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis.this medicine can also be useful in patients requiring dialysis. Serum potassium levels inacute renal failure often reach dangerous heights before a rise in blood urea indicates the need forhemodialysis. this medicine can be used to reduce these potassium levels and therebypostpone the need for the use of the artificial kidney machine until other causes make itnecessary. Patients on regular hemodialysis therapy may develop shunt difficulties and underdialysis occurs,resulting in serious hyperkalemia. In these circumstances it is advisable to give the resin tocontrol hyperkalemia during the period of underdialysis. Monitoring serum potassium andcalcium levels should be undertaken at regular intervals. When patients on routine hemodialysis present a dietary management problem and tend towardshyperkalemia, this medicine can be used to control blood potassium levels. Similarly,patients on prolonged peritoneal dialysis may develop intermittent hyperkalemia after a fewweeks, possibly due to dietary problems. These patients also can be satisfactorily controlled withthis medicine.

Active ingredients: calcium polystyrene sulfonate
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15 g x 1's$ 1.63

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