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Ketrax uses and description

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Ketrax - Ketrax is a synthetic imidazothiazole derivative that has been widely used in treatment of worm infestations in both humans and animals. As an anthelmintic, it probably works by targeting the nematode nicotinergic acetylcholine receptor. As an immunomodulator, it appears that Ketrax is an immunostimulant which has been shown to increase NK cells and activated T-cells in patients receiving this adjuvantly along with 5FU for Stage III colon cancer.

Indication: For adjuvant treatment in combination with fluorouracil after surgical resection in patients with Dukes' stage C colon cancer. Also used to treat malignant melanoma and head/neck cancer.

Indications: worm infections

Active ingredients: Levamisole
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List of ketrax brand and generic drugs

Ketmax (Ethiopia)
L-Ripercol (Luxembourg, Netherlands)
L-Spartakon (Luxembourg)
L-VIN (India)
150 mg x 1's$ 0.30
L-Vin 150mg TAB / 1$ 0.30
Lévanol (France)
Lévisole (France)
Leva Oraal (Netherlands)
Levacide (Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom)
Levacol (Netherlands)
Levacur (United Kingdom)
Levadin (United Kingdom)
Levam (Argentina)
Levamax (Austria)
Levamex (Ethiopia)
Levamintic (South Africa)
Levamisol (Germany)
Levamisol 10 (Switzerland)
Levamisol Spot On (Germany, Netherlands)
Levamisole (Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom)
Tablet; Oral; Levamisole Hydrochloride 150 mg
Levamisole hcl powder$ 7.50
Levamisole Phosphate (United States)
Levamisole-Guilin Pharm (China)
Levasole (France, United States)
Injectable; Injection; Levamisole Phosphate 136.5 mg / ml
Levasole Pour-On
Liquid; Topical; Levamisole 20%
Levasure (United Kingdom)
Levatrax (Bangladesh)
Levicare (New Zealand)
Levicon (South Africa)
Levimax (Australia)
Levipor (New Zealand)
Levomol (India)
Levomol 50mg TAB / 1$ 0.14
Levomol 150mg TAB / 1$ 0.29
50 mg x 1's$ 0.14
150 mg x 1's$ 0.29
Levoral (Netherlands)
Levosol (Italy)
Lewamisan (Poland)
Lewamisol (Poland)
Lewamizol (Poland)

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