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Lotrimin uses and description

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Lotrimin - Lotrimin topical is an antifungal medication. Lotrimin topical prevents fungus from growing on your skin.

Lotrimin topical is used to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections.

Lotrimin topical may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

Lotrimin is an antifungal agent of imidazole derivatives group for topical use. This medication has an effect at the expense of the synthesis of ergosterol, which is part of the cell membrane of fungi. Lotrimin has a broad spectrum of action.

Lotrimin is active against dermatophytes, molds, fungi of the genus Candida, Malassezia furfur.

This drug is also active against Corynebacterium minutissimum, Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., Trichomonas vaginalis.

Lotrimin, an imidazole derivative with a broad spectrum of antimycotic activity, inhibits biosynthesis of the sterol ergostol, an important component of fungal cell membranes. Its action leads to increased membrane permeability and apparent disruption of enzyme systems bound to the membrane. Betamethasone and Lotrimin are used together to treat cutaneous tinea infections. In studies in fungal cultures, the minimum fungicidal concentration of Lotrimin caused leakage of intracellular phosphorous compounds into the ambient medium with concomitant breakdown of cellular nucleic acids, and accelerated potassium etflux. Both of these events began rapidly and extensively after addition of the drug to the cultures. The primary action of Lotrimin is against dividing and growing organisms.

Indication: For the local treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis and vaginal yeast infections, also used in fungal infections of the skin such as ringworm, athlete's foot, and jock itch.

Indications: fungal skin infections

For the treatment of skin infections due to dermatophytes (e.g. trycophyton species), yeasts (e.g. candida species), moulds and other fungi. These include ringworm (tinea) infections, athlete’s foot, paronychia, pityriasis versicolor, erythrasma and intertrigo, as well as fungal nappy rash, candidal vulvitis and candidal balanitis.

Active ingredients: Clotrimazole
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Cream; Topical; Clotrimazole 1%
Lotion; Topical; Clotrimazole 1%
Solution; Topical; Clotrimazole 1%

List of lotrimin brand and generic drugs

Lotrimin AF Jock-Itch
Cream; Topical; Clotrimazole
Lotrimin AF Jock-Itch Cream
Lotrimin Lotion
Lotrimin Solution
Lusafan F (Peru)
Lykamidil (Vietnam)
Lykamidil 100 mg x 6 Tablet
Lykamidil 500 mg x 1 Tablet
Lyma (Thailand)
Lyma 1 % x 5 g$ 1.20
Lyma 1 % x 15 g$ 2.50
Lyma 1 % x 500 g$ 18.13
Manomazole (Thailand)
Manomazole 0.5 g x 12's
Manomazole 0.5 g x 14's
Maret (Bangladesh)
Medaspor (South Africa)
Medifungol (Argentina)
Medisport Athlete's Foot
Metacortil-C Mometasone 0.1 %, Clotrimazole1 % CRM / 10g$ 1.63
Metrima (Vietnam)
Metrima 100/500 (Vietnam)
Metrima 100/500 100 mg x 1 Blister 6 Tablet
Metrima 100/500 500 mg x 1 Blister 1 Tablet
Micocid-V 100mg VG-TAB / 6$ 0.52
Micoclin (Argentina)
Micodermasan (Peru)
Micofix C (Colombia)
Micolysin (Portugal)
Micomazol (Argentina)
Micomazol Deo
Micomisan (South Africa)
Micosan (Colombia, Peru)
Micosep (Argentina)
Micosten (Brazil)
Micoter (Oman)
Micotrim Vaginal (Peru)
Micotrinm (Peru)
Micozol (Venezuela)
Tablet; Oral; Ketoconazole 200 mg
Micutilin (Peru)

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