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Naox uses and description

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Naox - Medical Induction of LaborTreatment of incomplete abortionTherapeutic abortionTreatment of postpartum hemorrhageDiagnosis of utero-placental insufficiency :Naox is administered parent rally to assess fetal-placental respiratory capabilities in high-risk pregnancy.
Active ingredients: Oxytocin
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Meritocin 5 IU INJ / 10x1ml$ 3.33
Neurofisin (Italy)
51 u x 1 mL x 1's
Nitocin 51u x 1mL AMP / 1
Nobitocin S
Nocytocine (France)
Ocin (Bangladesh)
OCIN Capsule/ Tablet / 400mg (10 units)$ 1.85
OCIN Capsule/ Tablet / 200mg (10 units)$ 1.39
OCIN Capsule/ Tablet / 100mg (10 units)$ 0.91
50 mg x 10's$ 0.72
200 mg x 10's$ 1.09
Ocin 50mg/5ml SYP / 30ml$ 0.59
Ocin 300 mg x 10 x 10's
Ocin 30 ml Syrup$ 0.10
Ocin 200 mg Grandix Pharma Tablet$ 0.11
Ocin 200 mg Tablet$ 0.11
Ocin 200 mg Unicure India Tablet$ 0.13
Ocin 100 mg Tablet$ 0.07
Ocin 100 mg Talent Labs Tablet$ 0.09
Ocin 50 mg Tablet$ 0.07
Ocitocina Biol (Argentina)
Ocitocina Richmond (Argentina)
Ocytex (France)
Ocytocine (France)
Ocytovem (France)
Ocytovet (France)
Orasthin (Ethiopia)
Ossitocina (Italy)
Ossitocina BIL (Italy)
Otoxin (Philippines)
Otoxin (Amp) 5 IU/1 mL x 1 mL x 10's
Otoxin 10 IU/1 mL x 1 mL x 10's
Oxitocin 5 IU INJ / 1ml$ 0.33
Oxitocin 5 iu Injection$ 0.33
Oxitocina Aps (Portugal)
Oxitocina Biosano (Chile)
Oxitocina Drawer (Argentina)
Oxitocina Generis (Portugal)
Oxitocina L.CH. (Chile)
Oxitocina Larjan (Argentina)
Oxitocina Lch (Peru)
Oxitocina Sanderson (Chile)

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