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Nervite uses and description

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Nervite - Nervite is a comprehensive metabolic stimulant where nutritional requirements are increased. Specifically indicated in pernicious anemia, beri-beri, certain sensory neuropathies responding to massive doses of vitamin B12, patients with gastrectomy and/or terminal ileal disease, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, pellagra, anorexia, prevention and treatment of vitamin B-complex deficiencies especially indicated for children as a high potency supplement, appetite stimulant and growth factor.
Active ingredients: Vit B/vit B/vit B
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Nervite 100's$ 12.99

List of nervite brand and generic drugs

Nervit B-Plus (Philippines)
Nervit B-Plus 100's$ 24.25
Neubee Forte (Thailand)
Neubee Forte 500's
Neubee Forte 20 x 10's
Neukovit (Vietnam)
Neukovit 3 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neukovit 6 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neukovit 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neukovit 25 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neukovit 50 Blister x 10 Tablet
Neukovit 1 chai 100 Tablet
Neukovit 1 chai 200 Tablet
Neukovit 1 chai 500 Tablet
Neural-B (Philippines)
Neural-B 100's
Neurobat (Indonesia)
Neurobat 10 x 10's$ 7.14
Neurobat Forte 3 mL x 20's$ 7.65
Neurobexol (Philippines)
Neurobexol 100's
Neurobexol 2 mL x 5's
Neurobexol 2 mL x 10's
Neurobine (Malaysia)
Neurobine 10's x 10 x 6
Neurobiovit (Indonesia)
Neurobiovit 20 x 10's$ 9.59
Neurobiovit 9 mL x 10's$ 0.58
Neurohax (Indonesia)
Neurohax 10 x 10's$ 8.42
Neurophil (Indonesia)
Neurophil 50's$ 5.30
Neurophil 3 mL x 10's$ 5.41
Neurophil 5000 50's$ 9.18
Neurophil 5000 3 mL x 10's$ 5.61
Neurophil 60 ml Infusion$ 5.17
Neurophil 200 mg Injection$ 3.61
Neurorubine-Forte (Singapore)
Neurorubine-Forte 200's
Neurosanbe (Indonesia)
Neurosanbe 10 x 10's$ 8.58
Neurosanbe Inj 3 mL x 10's$ 4.02
Neurosanbe 5000 10 x 10's$ 18.77
Neurotropic (Indonesia)
Neurotropic 10 x 10's$ 4.90
Neurotropic 9 mL x 1's$ 0.53
Neurotropic 5000 10 x 10's$ 14.89
Neurotropic 5000 3 mL x 10's$ 5.30
Neuroxel 500 (Philippines)
Neuroxel 500 100's$ 39.38
Neusyst H5000 (Vietnam)
Neusyst H5000 4 loï vaø 4 oáng dung moâi 5 mL
Neutamin (Taiwan)
Neutamin 1 mL x 50's
Neutri Fore (Vietnam)
Neutri Fore 12 Blister x 5 Tablet
Neutri Fore 1 loï 60 Tablet
Neutri Fore 1 loï 100 Tablet
Neutri Fore 10 Blister x 10 Tablet

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