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Neurogen Tablet

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Neurogen Tablet uses and description

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Neurogen Tablet - Indications: Folate-deficient.

Megaloblastic anaemia.

Prophylaxis of megaloblastic anemia in pregnancy.

Prophylaxis of neural tube defect in pregnancy.

Malabsorption syndromes.

Antiepileptic therapy.

Active ingredients: Folic Acid (Vit B9)
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Neurogen Tablet$ 0.16

List of neurogen tablet brand and generic drugs

Neurokab OD Tablet
Neurokab OD Tablet$ 0.13
Neuroken OD Tablet
Neuroken OD Tablet$ 0.16
Neurola Tab Tablet
Neurola Tab Tablet$ 0.17
Neurolax OD Tablet
Neurolax OD Tablet$ 0.14
Neuromed Capsule
Neuromed Capsule$ 0.16
Neuromin EA Capsule
Neuromin EA Capsule$ 0.19
Neuromor OD Capsule
Neuromor OD Capsule$ 0.15
Neuronyl Capsule
Neuronyl Capsule$ 0.08
Neurotech Tab Tablet
Neurotech Tab Tablet$ 0.04
Neurotis A Tablet
Neurotis A Tablet$ 0.12
Neurotop Plus Capsule
Neurotop Plus Capsule$ 0.17
Neurovit Plus
Neurovit Plus 100 mg+500 mcg+1500 mcg Tablet$ 0.16
Neutrosec Tab Tablet
Neutrosec Tab Tablet$ 0.11
New Feripro
New Feripro 200 ml Syrup$ 0.03
Nexcob Plus Capsule
Nexcob Plus Capsule$ 0.24
NFC 12
NFC 12 1500 mcg+1.5 mg+3 mg Tablet$ 0.10
Nicy Days Capsule
Nicy Days Capsule$ 0.12
Nitofen 200 ml Syrup$ 0.03
Nitofer 200 ml Syrup$ 0.07
NN 14 Capsule
NN 14 Capsule$ 0.13
Nocad Capsule
Nocad Capsule$ 0.13
Nodyfer Capsule
Nodyfer Capsule$ 0.04
Nofro Plus Capsule
Nofro Plus Capsule$ 0.08
Nomit OD
Nomit OD 20+20+5 Tablet$ 0.07
Novafer 100+1 Tablet$ 0.06
Novaglobin Plus
Novaglobin Plus 200 ml Syrup$ 0.03
Novaglobin Plus Tablet
Novaglobin Plus Tablet$ 0.09
NRG 200 gm Powder$ 2.13
NRV 12 Capsule
NRV 12 Capsule$ 0.16
NS Provit XT
NS Provit XT 150 ml Syrup$ 0.06
NU Bal
NU Bal 1 mg+500 mcg Tablet$ 0.08
NU Bal OD 1 mg+1500 mcg Tablet$ 0.13
Nucarnit F
Nucarnit F 500+2.5 Tablet$ 0.38
Nuco D
Nuco D 5+200 Tablet$ 0.14
Nudase LP Capsule
Nudase LP Capsule$ 0.08
Nuferric 100 mg+1000 mcg Tablet$ 0.07
Nufervit Capsule
Nufervit Capsule$ 0.11
Nurifer Capsule
Nurifer Capsule$ 0.07
Nuro M
Nuro M 100 ml Syrup$ 0.06
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