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Ofne - Ofne is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic considered to be a second-generation fluoroquinolone. Floxin (branded version) had been discontinued by the manufacturer, in the United States, effective June 18, 2009, though generic equivalents continue to be available.

Ofne is a racemic mixture, which consists of 50% levofloxacin (the biologically active component) and 50% of its “mirror image” or enantiomer dextrofloxacin. When levofloxacin disks were not available in early clinical trials, a 5-pg Floxin (ofloxacin –floxacin) disk was substituted. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical reviewers considered the two drugs to be one and the same and hence interchangeable.

Like other quinolones, Ofne has been associated with a significant number of serious adverse drug reactions, such as tendon damage (including spontaneous tendon ruptures) and peripheral neuropathy (which may be irreversible); such reactions may manifest long after therapy had been completed, and, in severe cases, may result in life-long disabilities. Ofloxacin has also been associated with severe psychiatric adverse reactions.

Hepatotoxicity has also been reported with the use of ofloxacin. Case reports of hepatitis have been published for the older fluoroquinolones including ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, and norfloxacin.

Indications: Genito urinary, respiratory, gastro intestinal.

skin and soft tissue infections.

Peritonitis, Gonorrhoea.

Typhoid fever, Multi drug resistant tuberculosis.

Acute and sub-acute eye and ear infections.

Active ingredients: Ofloxacin
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Ofne 200mg TAB / 10
Ofne 400mg TAB / 10$ 2.02
Ofne 50mg SYP / 60ml$ 0.59
Ofne 400 mg Tablet$ 0.20
Ofne 60 ml Syrup$ 0.05

List of ofne brand and generic drugs

Ofn-200 200mg TAB / 10x10$ 8.33
OFNET (India)
200 mg x 10's$ 1.20
Ofnet 200mg TAB / 10$ 1.20
Ofnet-200 200mg TAB / 10$ 1.20
Ofnex 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.83
Ofnex 200 mg Tablet$ 0.08
Ofnex OZ
Ofnex OZ 200+500 Tablet$ 0.12
Ofni 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.91
Ofni 400mg TAb / 10$ 1.83
Ofni 400 mg Tablet$ 0.18
Ofni 200 mg Tablet$ 0.09
Ofnic 200 mg Tablet$ 0.09
Ofnic TZ
Ofnic TZ 200+600 Tablet$ 0.13
OFNIJ (India)
OFNIJ Capsule/ Tablet / 200mg (10 units)$ 0.66
OFNIJ Capsule/ Tablet / 400mg (4 units)$ 0.41
200 mg x 10's$ 0.66
400 mg x 4's$ 0.41
Ofnij 200 mg Tablet$ 0.07
Ofnij 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.66
Ofnij 400mg TAB / 4$ 0.41
Ofnis (India)
Ofnis 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.89
200 mg x 10's$ 0.89
Ofnis 200 mg Neiss Labs Tablet$ 0.09
Ofnis 200 mg Tablet$ 0.09
Ofnis OZ
Ofnis OZ 200+500 Tablet$ 0.13
Ofnizole 30 ml Syrup$ 0.10
Ofnizole 200+500 Tablet$ 0.15
Ofnova 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.80
Ofnova 200 mg Tablet$ 0.08
Ofo (India)
Ofo 50mg SUSP / 30ml$ 0.52
Ofo 200mg TAB / 10$ 0.88
200 mg x 150's
50 mg x 5 mL x 30ml
OFO 200 mg Perk Pharma Tablet$ 0.09
OFO 30 ml Suspension$ 0.09
OFO 100 mg Tablet$ 0.06
OFO 200 mg Nac International Tablet$ 0.09
OFO 100 mg Perk Pharma Tablet$ 0.04
OFO 200 mg Tablet$ 0.11
Ofo 50
Ofo 50 30 ml Suspension$ 0.09
OFO O 200+500+50 Tablet$ 0.13
OFO O 200+500 Tablet$ 0.11

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