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Oratect uses and description

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Oratect - Indications: stomatitis
Active ingredients: Benzocaine
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List of oratect brand and generic drugs

Oramed (Israel)
Oriwax Ear 10 ml Drop$ 0.07
Orogel (Bangladesh)
Oticaina (Colombia)
Otil Ear 10 ml Drop$ 0.11
Otocain (United States)
Otorex (India)
Otorex Paradichlorobenzene 2 % w/v,Benzocaine 2.7 % w/v,Chlorbutol 5 % w/v, Turpentineoil 15 % w/v. EAR-DPS / 10ml$ 0.79
10ml$ 0.79
Otorex Ear 10 ml Drop$ 0.88
Ou Ji (China)
Outgro (United States)
Liquid; Topical; Benzocaine 20%
Liquid; Topical; Chlorobutanol 4.7%; Tannic Acid 23.5%
Parabec (India)
Parabec Paradichlorobenzene 2 %,Benzocaine 2.7 %, Chlorbutol 5%, Turpentine oil 15 %. EAR-DPS / 10ml$ 0.41
10ml$ 0.41
PDI Insect Sting Relief
Pad; Topical; Benzocaine 6%
Play Longer
Gel; Topical; Benzocaine 7.5%
Pro-Caine Topical Anesthetic Gel
Gel; Dental; Topical; Benzocaine 20%
Paste; Dental; Benzocaine 9%
Red Cross Canker Sore Medication
Renicol-E (India)
Renicol-E Chloramphenicol 5 % w/v,Benzocaine 1 % w/v. EYE-DPS / 5ml$ 0.23
5ml$ 0.23
Rhulicream (United States)
Ringl (Japan)
Rougier Swab Insect Bite Relief
Swab; Topical; Benzocaine 15%
Sédorectal (France)
Scabinil Crm
Scabinil Crm 15 gm Cream$ 0.01
Scaboma CRM (India)
Scaboma CRM Lindane 1 % w/w, Benzocaine 2% w/w. CRM / 25g$ 0.16
25g$ 0.16
Sirop Dentition
Syrup; Dental; Benzocaine 1.8%
Solu H
Subcutin N
Swabplus Anesthetic Swabs
Swab; Topical; Benzocaine 20%
Swabplus Insect Bite Relief Swabs
Swab; Topical; Benzocaine 15%
Swabplus Mouth Pain Relief Swabs
Swab; Topical; Benzocaine 11%
Swabplus Oral Pain Relief Swabs
Swab; Topical; Benzocaine 20%
Swabplus Teething Pain Relief Swabs
Swab; Topical; Benzocaine 7.5%
Swabplus Tooth and Gum Pain Relief Swabs
Swab; Oral; Benzocaine 20%
T Jel
T Jel 10 gm Gel$ 0.79

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