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Phlogenzym uses and description

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Phlogenzym - Indications: inflammation

Indications: inflammation, oedema, rheumatic disorders, thrombophlebitis

Indications: inflammation, soft-tissue disorders

1. Phlogenzym may be used in following cases as an alternative to the currently used therapies: - posttraumatic and postoperative edemas 2. Phlogenzym is suitable as a supportive therapy in following cases: - inflammatory diseases – mainly: inflammations of urinary and genital organs, inflammations of veins, postthrombotic syndrome (condition after recurrent inflammations of veins), crural ulcers - rheumatic diseases: rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint disease) rheumatism of soft tissues (for example: muscle rheumatism, “tennis elbow”, "frozen" shoulder, inflammations of peritenon) inflammatory activation of arthrosis (degenerative joint and vertebral disease)The preparation may be used by adults and children older than 6 years. Phlogenzym may be administered to children only when consulted with a pediatrician who also determines the dosage.

Phlogenzym have been given as an aid to digestion,Bromelains are a concentrate of proteolytic enzymes derived from the pineapple plant, Ananas comosus (A. sativus) (Bromeliaceae).

Active ingredients: Bromelains
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Tablet, Enteric Coated; Oral; Bromelains 450 FIP; Rutin 100 mg; Trypsin 1440 FIP
Phlogenzym 2 Blister x 20 Tablet

List of phlogenzym brand and generic drugs

Ananase Forte (Chile)
Dragee; Oral; Bromelains 40 mg
Bromelain Hui Chun Tang (Taiwan)
Bromelain Zentiva (Switzerland)
Bromelain-POS (Germany)
Tablet, Enteric Coated; Oral; Bromelain
Bromelains (Japan)
Dayto Anase
Dontisanin (Germany)
Tablet, Coated; Oral; Bromelain 50 FIPU
Tablet, Gastro Coated; Oral; Bromelain 50 FIPU
Extranase (France)
Tablet, Gastro-Resistant; Oral; Bromelain 900 nK
Extranase 80 Tablet
Internase (Hong Kong)
Internase 20 mg x 1,000's$ 170.00
Kimotab S (Japan)
Tablet, Enteric Coated; Oral; Bromelains
Phlogenzym mono (Germany)
Proteozym (Germany)
Dragee; Oral; Bromelains
Traumanase (Germany, Switzerland)
Dragee; Oral; Bromelains 100 FIP
Traumanase Forte
Dragee; Oral; Bromelains 100 FIP
Wobenzym (Germany)
Tablet; Oral; Bromelain 225 FIP; Chymotrypsin 300 FIP; Pancreatin 345 PEU (Amylase 12,500 IU; Lipase 10,000 IU); Papain 90 FIP; Rutin 50 mg; Trypsin 360 FIP
Wobenzym - 40 Tablets$ 32.00
Wobenzym - 200 Tablets$ 95.00
Wobenzym Mono
Tablet, Gastro-Resistant; Oral; Bromelains
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