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Pilestop uses and description

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Pilestop - Indications: venous insufficiency, phlebitis, haemorrhoids
Active ingredients: Diosmin/Hesperidin
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List of pilestop brand and generic drugs

Alvenor (China)
Anadium (Indonesia)
Anadium 3 x 10's$ 14.99
Ardium (Indonesia)
Ardium 500 mg x 30's$ 19.28
Arvenum (Italy, Luxembourg)
Bioflevin (Greece)
Bosflon (Vietnam)
Bosflon 4 Blister x 15 Tablet
Cidoston (Greece)
Daflon Bb Farma (Italy)
Daflon Europharm (Italy)
Daflon Farma 1000 (Italy)
Daflon Medifarma (Italy)
Daflon Programmi Sanitari (Italy)
Davmorid (Malaysia)
Davmorid 10's x 3 x 12
Detralex (Croatia (Hrvatska), Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia)
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; Diosmin 450 mg; Hesperidin 50 mg
Detralex 500mg - 60 Tablets$ 46.00
Dilodin (Vietnam)
Dilodin 5 Blister x 10 Tablet
Diohes 500 (Hongkong)
Diohes 500 10 x 2's
Diorin (Bangladesh, Colombia)
Dioslon (Vietnam)
Dioslon 3 Blister x 10 Tablet
Diosmin 500 (Thailand)
Diosmin 500 3 x 10's
Diosmin/Hesperidin (Indonesia)
Diosmina MK (Colombia)
Diosper (Greece, Singapore)
Diosper 500 mg x 500's
Flavoid 300
Flevion (Greece)
Flevostol (Greece)
Hemoflon (Vietnam)
Hemoflon 4 Blister x 15 Tablet
Hemonor (Bangladesh)
Hesmin (Indonesia)
Hesmin 5 x 6's$ 12.24
Mecaton (Greece)
Osmigra (Indonesia)
Osmigra 5 x 6's
Pelethrocin (Poland)
Rhodium (Indonesia)
Rhodium 3 x 10's$ 12.24
Vedipal (Peru)
Venadol (Colombia)
Veneflon (Vietnam)
Veneflon 3 Blister x 10 Tablet
Veno-Ritz (Georgia)
Venodiol (Georgia)
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