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Polynerv 1000

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Polynerv 1000 uses and description

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Polynerv 1000 - A pronounced analgesic and neuro-regenerative effect is produced by this high dosage combination and Polynerv 1000 is therefore particularly valuable in the treatment of disorders of the peripheral nervous system: Sugar-coated Tablet: Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 deficiency in case of beriberi and polyneuritis. Injection: Provides analgesic and neuro-regenerative effect for treatment of disorders of the peripheral nervous system in polyneuritis, neuralgia, sciatica and shoulder-arm syndrome, lumbago-lumbalgia, intercostal neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, facial palsy, herpes zoster, diabetic neuropathy, optic neuritis, numbness of the extremities. Supplement to isoniazid therapy, reserpine and phenothiazine; hyperemesis gravidarum; vitamin B deficiency; cerebrovascular accidents.
Active ingredients: Vit B/vit B/vit B/
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Polynerv 1000 80's$ 30.42

List of polynerv 1000 brand and generic drugs

Eveutine H5000 (Vietnam)
Eveutine H5000 4 loï vaø 4 oáng dung moâi pha tieâm
Farbion-5000 (Indonesia)
Farbion-5000 (amp) 3 mL x 5's$ 2.29
Kalbion (Indonesia)
Kalbion 3 mL x 20's$ 8.16
Meganerv 1000 (Philippines)
Meganerv 1000 50's$ 29.91
Neuraxon 5000 (Indonesia)
Neuraxon 5000 10 x 10's$ 18.36
Neurobion 5000 (Indonesia)
Neurobion 5000 10 x 10's$ 21.21
Neurobion 5000 25 x 10's$ 52.49
Neurobion 5000 3 mL x 20's$ 11.67
Neurobion Injection (Indonesia)
Neurobion Injection 3 mL x 1's$ 7.90
Neurorubine Forte (Malaysia)
Neurorubine Forte 200's
Oranerv Forte (Philippines)
Oranerv Forte 100's$ 52.14
Outvit H5000 (Vietnam)
Outvit H5000 4 loï boät vaø 1 oáng dung moâi
Rindobion 5000 (Indonesia)
Rindobion 5000 10 x 10's$ 16.83
Sohobion (Indonesia)
Sohobion 10 x 10's$ 10.20
Sohobion (amp) 3 mL x 10's$ 5.10
Vit B/vit B/vit B/ (Indonesia)
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