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Rivaroxaban uses and description

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Rivaroxaban - Pharmacology: Selectively blocks the active site of factor Xa.

Indication: For the prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis, which may lead to pulmonary embolism in patients undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery.

Rivaroxaban is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) that prevents the formation of blood clots.

Rivaroxaban is used to prevent a type of blood clot called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can lead to blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism). A DVT can occur after certain types of surgery.

Rivaroxaban may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Rivaroxaban is an anticoagulant which binds directly to factor Xa. Thereafter, it effectively blocks the amplification of the coagulation cascade, preventing the formation of thrombus. Rivaroxaban is a unqiue anticoagulant for two reasons. First of all, it is does not involve antithrombin III (ATIII) to exert its anticoagulant effects. Secondly, it is an oral agent whereas the widely used unfractionated heparin and low molecular weight heparins are for parenteral use only. Although the activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) and HepTest (a test developed to assay low molecular weight heparins) are prolonged in a dose-dependant manner, neither test is recommended for the assessment of the pharmacodynamic effects of rivaroxaban. Anti-Xa activity and inhibition of anti-Xa activity monitoring is also not recommended despite being influenced by rivaroxaban.

Active ingredients: Rivaroxaban
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Xarelto (Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
Tablet, Film-Coated; Oral; Rivaroxaban 10 mg
Tablet; Oral; Rivaroxaban 10 mg
Xarelto 10 mg x 1 Blister x 10 Tablet
Xarelto 10 mg x 1 x 15's
Xarelto 10 mg x 30's
Xarelto 10 mg
Xarelto 10 mg x 10's$ 120.31
Xarelto 10 mg x 1 x 10's
Xarelto 10 mg film-coated tablets (United Kingdom)
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