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Sefazol uses and description

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Sefazol - Indications: bacterial infections

Treatment of infections of respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and skin structures, biliary tract, and bone and joint; treatment of genital infections; treatment of septicemia; treatment of endocarditis caused by susceptible strains of specific microorganisms; perioperative prophylaxis.

Indications: Respiratory tract infection, post operative chest infections, empyema and lung abscess.

Urinary tract infections (pyelonephritis).

Soft tissue, skin infection, infected gangrene, otitis media and mastoiditis, peritonitis and wound infections Septicaemia, whether gram-positive or gram-negative Endocarditis, gynaecological and obstetrical infection (septic abortion, uterine and neonatal infection, pelvic abscess).

Gonorrhoea or syphills.

Bone and joint infections (osteomyelitis and septic arthritis).

Especially useful in billary tract infection.

Active ingredients: Cefazolin
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
1 g x 1's$ 0.90
500 mg x 1's$ 0.50
Sefazol 500 mg Injection$ 0.50
Sefazol 1000 mg Injection$ 0.90

List of sefazol brand and generic drugs

Samarial (Philippines)
Sefmazon (Japan)
Sezolin (Taiwan)
Sezolin 1 g x 10's
SP. Cefazolin (Vietnam)
SP. Cefazolin 1 g x 10 loï x 1 g
Suporin (Philippines)
Suporin (vial) 1 g x 1's
Taicezolin (Japan)
Tarfazolin (Poland)
Tasep (Spain)
Tecfazolina (Spain)
Tokio (Japan)
Totacef (Estonia, Serbia)
Injectable; Injection; Cefazolin Sodium 500 mg
Injectable; Injection; Cefazolin Sodium 1 g
Vifazolin (Greece)
Vignir-LB (India)
Vignir-LB 300mg CAP / 50$ 32.41
300 mg x 50's$ 32.41
Vulmizolin (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Xintailin (China)
Yuhan Cefazolin (Vietnam)
Yuhan Cefazolin 1 g x 10 loï
Zepilen (Croatia (Hrvatska), Estonia, Lithuania)
Zepilen 1 g x 1 loï
Zepilen 1 g x 10 loï
Zinir-LB (India)
Zinir-LB Cefdinir 100 mg, Lactobacillus30 millionspores TAB / 10$ 1.52
Zinir-LB Cefdinir 150 mg, Lactobacillus45 millionspores. TAB / 10$ 2.22
10's$ 2.22
Zinir-LB Cefdinir 100 mg, lactobacillus30 millionspores. TAB / 10$ 1.52
Zolicef (Philippines)
Injectable; Injection; Cefazolin Sodium 1 g
Zolicef 1 g x 10's
Zolicef (vial) 250 mg x 10's
Zolicef 500 mg x 10's
Zolicef I.M.
Injectable; Injection; Cefazolin Sodium 1 g
Zolicef I.V.
Injectable; Injection; Cefazolin Sodium 1 g
Injectable; Injection; Cefazolin Sodium 2 g
Zolimed (Thailand)
Zolina 500
Zolinbac (Vietnam)
Zolinbac 1 g x 10 loï
Zolinbac 1 g x 25 loï
Zolival (Spain)
Zolival 1 g x 1 loï
Zolival 1 g x 1's$ 9.65
Zolival 1 g x 10's$ 96.46

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