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Septadine uses and description

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Septadine - Indications: skin disinfection

Indications: mouth infections, skin infections, skin disinfection, wounds, vaginal infections

Indications: minor throat infections, skin infections, wound and burn disinfection

* Povidone-iodine is used as a general antiseptic in the treatment of skin infections, wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns, if not extensive, bedsores, mouth ulcers and post-operative wounds.* All kind of vaginal infections such as: vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, cervicitis, vaginal ectropion, vaginal leukorrhea.

Active ingredients: Povidone Iodine
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Solution; Topical; Alcohol 57%; Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.5%
Septadine 10 % x 60 mL x 1's$ 1.34
Septadine 10 % x 1 L x 1's$ 8.83
Septadine 10 % x 5 L x 1's$ 48.17

List of septadine brand and generic drugs

Sepso (Germany)
Septadine 10%
Septadine 250
Septadine Oral Antiseptic (South Africa)
Septil (Portugal)
Septisooth (South Africa)
5 % x 250g$ 2.31
Siadine 5% OINT / 250g$ 2.31
Soldeen Skin 100 ml Solution$ 0.01
Sprejodip (Netherlands)
Star Iodocare (United Kingdom)
Star Ready-Dip (United Kingdom)
Summer's Eve (Malaysia)
Super Concentrate Teat Dip or Spray (United Kingdom)
Superteat (United Kingdom)
Supobac (Vietnam)
Supobac 200 mg x 1 Blister x 7 Tablet
Supobac 200 mg x 2 Blister x 7 Tablet
Tamodine (United Kingdom)
Teatguard (New Zealand)
Telnidine (Japan)
Thelisan N (Switzerland)
Tintura de Yodo (Peru)
Solution; Topical; Alcohol 84.6 g; Iodine 6.5 g; Potassium Iodide 2.5 g; Water Purified 6.4 g / 100 ml
Topidon Skin 15 gm Ointment$ 0.83
Topionic (Spain)
Topionic Scrub (Spain)
TP - DINE Lotion / 5(%) (100ml units)$ 1.02
TP - DINE Cream/ Gel/ Ointment / 5(%) (15gm units)$ 0.50
TP Dine
TP Dine Skin 15 gm Ointment$ 0.50
TP Dine Skin 100 ml Lotion$ 1.02
Traumasept (Germany, Latvia)
Ovules; Vaginal; Povidone-Iodine
TROGYL-P (India)
5 % w/w x 15g$ 0.91
Tycoytycoy (Argentina)
U-Pasta Kowa (Japan)
Utersol (Poland)
Vardine M
Vardine M Skin 15 gm Ointment$ 0.54
Vétédine (France)
Vet-Sept (Germany)
Vetadine (Australia, New Zealand)
Vetisept (Austria, Switzerland)
Videne (Hong Kong, United Kingdom)
Videne 7.5 % x 500 mL x 12's
Videne 10 % x 500 mL x 12's

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