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Silverdin uses and description

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Silverdin - Indications: infected burns, ulcers and wounds
Active ingredients: Sulfadiazine
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List of silverdin brand and generic drugs

Silverdiazina (Peru)
Silverin (Oman)
Silverol (Israel)
Cream; Topical; Silver Sulfadiazine 1%
Silvertone (Switzerland)
Cream; Topical; Silver Sulfadiazine 1%
Silverzine (Bangladesh)
Silvin (Ethiopia)
Silvin 50 g x 1's
Silvin 500 g x 1's
Sofargen (Italy)
SSD (United States)
Cream; Topical; Silver Sulfadiazine 1%
SSZ Aplicaps (India)
SSZ Aplicaps Eye 1% Aplicaps$ 0.01
Sterizole (Philippines)
Sulfa - D (Peru)
Sulfacol Sandoz (Colombia)
Tablet; Oral; Sulfadiazine 500 mg
Sulfadiazin Streuli (Switzerland)
Sulfadiazin-Heyl (Germany)
Sulfadiazina de plata (Colombia, Venezuela)
Sulfadiazina de Plata Gen-Far (Peru)
Sulfadiazina de Plata Genfar (Colombia, Ecuador)
Sulfadiazina de Plata La Santé (Colombia)
Sulfadiazina L.CH. (Chile)
Sulfadiazina Reig Jofre (Spain)
Sulfadiazina Vannier (Argentina)
Sulfadiazine (Finland)
Injectable; Injection; Sulfadiazine Sodium 250 mg / ml
Tablet; Oral; Sulfadiazine 500 mg
Tablet; Oral; Sulfadiazine 300 mg
Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 400 gm Jar$ 36.48
Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm Jar$ 21.99
Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 85 gm Jar$ 19.99
Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 25 gm Jar$ 13.99
Sulfadiazine 500 mg tablet$ 2.50
Sulfazine EC 500 mg Enteric Coated Tabs$ 0.42
Sulfazine ec 500 mg tablet$ 0.38
Sulfazine 500 mg tablet$ 0.25
Sulfadiazine powder$ 0.13
Sulfadiazine (Shinlon) 500 mg x 1000's

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