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Tevatrizine uses and description

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Tevatrizine - Tevatrizine helps to relieve symptoms of cold and allergy, such as runny nose, itch, watery eyes and sneezing. It also helps relieve allergic skin conditions such as hives, itchy rash due to insect bites or chicken pox. Tevatrizine belongs to a group of medicines called antihistamines.
Active ingredients: Cetirizine diHCl
Unit description, dosagePrice, USD
Tevatrizine 10 mg x 3 Blister x 10 Tablet

List of tevatrizine brand and generic drugs

Rentex (Thailand)
Rentex 10 mg x 10 x 10's
Rhitecin (Thailand)
Rhitecin 1 mg/1 mL x 60 mL
RiteMED Cetirizine (Philippines)
RiteMED Cetirizine 10 mg x 100's$ 0.55
Rizetec (Thailand)
Rizetec 10 mg x 100's
Robcetirizin (Vietnam)
Robcetirizin 10 mg x 3 Blister x 10 Tablet
Sancotec (Singapore)
Sancotec 10 mg x 100's
Sentipec (Vietnam)
Sentipec 10 mg x 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Setizin (Taiwan)
Setizin 10 mg x 100's
Setizin 10 mg x 1000's
Sigrel (Philippines)
Sigrel 10 mg x 100's$ 33.56
Sytrex (Thailand)
Sytrex 10 mg x 1 x 10's
Sytrex 10 mg x 10 x 10's
Tamigin (Vietnam)
Tamigin 10 mg x 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Texzine (Philippines)
Texzine 10 mg x 30's$ 0.50
Tizine (Thailand)
Tizine 10 mg x 10 x 10's
Victolon (Vietnam)
Victolon 10 mg x 10 Blister x 7 Tablet
Victolon 10 mg x 1 chai 300 Tablet
Virtex (Philippines)
Virtex 10 mg x 10's
Virtex 10 mg x 50's
Welcet (Philippines)
Welcet 5 mg/5 mL x 60 mL
Welcet 5 mg Tablet$ 0.06
Zenriz (Indonesia)
Zenriz 10 mg x 30's$ 8.42
Zetrix (Philippines)
Zetrix 10 mg x 20's$ 7.50
Zetrix 1 mg/1 mL x 30 mL$ 1.98
Zetrix 1 mg/1 mL x 60 mL
Zinex (Philippines)
Zinex 10 mg x 100's$ 51.06
Zittec (Thailand)
Zittec 500's
Zocomin (Taiwan)
Zocomin 0.1 % x 1 mL
Zocomin 0.1 % x 30 mL
Zocomin 0.1 % x 60 mL
Zocomin 0.1 % x 120 mL
Zyril (Thailand)
Zyril 10 mg x 10 x 10's
Zyril 10 mg x 50 x 10's
Zyril 10 mg x 1,000's
Zyriz (Philippines)
Zyriz 5 mg/5 mL x 30 mL$ 2.88
Zyrlergic (Thailand)
Zyrlergic 10 mg x 50 x 10's
Zyrrigin (Philippines)
Zyrrigin 10 mg x 100's
Zyrrigin 5 mg/5 mL x 60 mL
Zytizine (Thailand)
Zytizine 10 mg x 10 x 10's
Zytizine 10 mg x 500's
Zytizine 5 mg/5 mL x 60 mL

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