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Threptin Granules

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Threptin Granules uses and description

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Threptin Granules - Indications: Pellagra.

Hartnups disease.

Peripheral vascular disease.


Active ingredients: Nicotinamide
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Threptin Granules$ 4.07

List of threptin granules brand and generic drugs

Nicobion (France, Germany)
Tablet; Oral; Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)
Nicoclin Skin 10 gm Gel$ 1.04
Nicom M
Nicom M Inj Injection$ 0.36
Nicotinamid (Japan)
Nicotinamid Uphace (Vietnam)
Nicotinamid Uphace 500 mg x 1 chai 30 Tablet
Nicotinamide (Netherlands)
Nicotinamide IDI (Italy)
Nicotinamide Ratiopharm (Netherlands)
Nicotinsäureamid Jenapharm (Germany)
Nisderm Skin 20 gm Ointment$ 1.11
NU B12 Kit
NU B12 Kit$ 1.02
Nurosal Forte Tablet
Nurosal Forte Tablet$ 0.07
Nutrozyme Tablet
Nutrozyme Tablet$ 0.03
O Vit
O Vit Inj Injection$ 0.15
PP-500 (Vietnam)
PP-500 500 mg x 30 Tablet
Shalvit 120 ml Syrup$ 0.02
Sovit 200 ml Syrup$ 0.02
Sovit 100 ml Syrup$ 0.03
Synokem 200 ml Syrup$ 0.07
Therabine Inj Injection$ 0.39
Therabine 200 mg Injection$ 0.05
Tobal Plus
Tobal Plus Inj Injection$ 0.91
Truzyme Tablet Capsule
Truzyme Tablet Capsule$ 0.05
Ucemine PP (Belgium, Luxembourg)
Unienzyme C MPS Tablet
Unienzyme C MPS Tablet$ 0.03
Unienzyme Tablet
Unienzyme Tablet$ 0.03
VBC 12
VBC 12 Inj Injection$ 0.10
Vielait (Mexico)
Visoliv 60 ml Syrup$ 0.14
Vitamin PP MKP (Vietnam)
Vitamin PP MKP 500 mg x 1 chai 30 Tablet
Vitamin PP Pharmedic (Vietnam)
Vitamin PP Pharmedic 500 mg x 10 Blister x 10 Tablet
Vitamina PP Angelini (Italy)
Vitamine PP Aguettant (France)
Vitaminum PP (Poland)
Tablet; Oral; Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) 200 mg
Tablet; Oral; Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) 50 mg
Vitamx 5 ml Drop$ 0.08
Vivclind N
Vivclind N Skin 15 gm Gel$ 1.30
Vize Capsule
Vize Capsule$ 0.06
Xoplex 200 ml Syrup$ 0.03
Xoplex L
Xoplex L 200 ml Syrup$ 0.03

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