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Ulup uses and description

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Ulup - Ulup is an antineoplastic anti-metabolite. Anti-metabolites masquerade as purine or pyrimidine - which become the building blocks of DNA. They prevent these substances becoming incorporated in to DNA during the "S" phase (of the cell cycle), stopping normal development and division. Ulup blocks an enzyme which converts the cytosine nucleotide into the deoxy derivative. In addition, DNA synthesis is further inhibited because Ulup blocks the incorporation of the thymidine nucleotide into the DNA strand.

Indication: For the topical treatment of multiple actinic or solar keratoses. In the 5% strength it is also useful in the treatment of superficial basal cell carcinomas when conventional methods are impractical, such as with multiple lesions or difficult treatment sites. Ulup injection is indicated in the palliative management of some types of cancer, including colon, rectum, breast, stomach and pancrease.

Active ingredients: Fluorouracil
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List of ulup brand and generic drugs

KUCIL-50 (India)
500 mg x 5's$ 2.04
Kucil-50 250mg AMP / 5$ 1.20
Kucil-50 500mg AMP / 5$ 2.04
Kuptoral (Vietnam)
Kuptoral 250 mg/5 mL x 10 oáng
Lunachol DS (Japan)
Lunapon (Japan)
Neofluor (Germany)
Ning Lan Xin (China)
Oncofluor (India)
Oncofluor 250mg INJ / AMP$ 3.20
250 mg x 5 mL x 1's
500 mg x 10 mL x 1's
Oncofluor 500mg x 10mL AMP / 1
Oncofluor 250mg x 5mL AMP / 1
Oncouracil (Turkey)
Oncourcil (India)
Oncourcil 250mg/mL INJ / 25x5ml$ 3.19
250 mg x 1 mL x 5mlx25$ 3.19
Oncourcil 250 mg Injection$ 0.03
Onkofluor (Germany)
Injectable; Injection; Fluorouracil
Pu Li Da (China)
Ribofluor (Germany)
Sen Ting (China)
Sinofuan (China)
Injectable; Injection; Fluorouracil 25 mg / ml
Injectable; Injection; Fluorouracil 50 mg / ml
Triosules (Argentina)
Uraciflor (Greece)
Utoral (Georgia)
Utoral 250 mg/5 mL x 10 oáng
Utoral (amp) 50 mg/1 mL x 5 mL x 10's$ 22.50
Utoral (vial) 50 mg/1 mL x 10 mL x 10's$ 41.25
Zuo Ding (China)
50 mg x 100's$ 14.81
Zypurin 50 mg Tablet$ 0.15

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