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Unazol uses and description

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Unazol - Pharmacology: Suppresses pituitary-ovarian axis by inhibiting output of pituitary gonadotropins; has weak, dose-related androgenic activity with no estrogenic or progestational activity.

Indication: Treatment of endometriosis; symptomatic treatment of fibrocystic breast disease; prevention of attacks of hereditary angioedema.

Unlabeled Uses

Treatment of precocious puberty, gynecomastia, and menorrhagia; treatment of idiopathic immune thrombocytopenia, lupus-associated thrombocytopenia, and autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

Unazol is a man-made form of a steroid. Unazol affects the ovaries and pituitary gland and prevents the release of certain hormones in the body.

Unazol is used to treat endometriosis and fibrocystic breast disease. Unazol is also used to prevent attacks of angioedema in people with an inherited form of this disorder.

Unazol may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Unazol is a derivative of the synthetic steroid ethisterone, a modified testosterone. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the first drug to specifically treat endometriosis, but its role as a treatment for endometriosis has been largely replaced by the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists. Unazol has antigonadotropic and anti-estrogenic activities. Unazol acts as an anterior pituitary suppressant by inhibiting the pituitary output of gonadotropins. It possesses some androgenic properties.

Oral Endometriosis

Adult: 200-800 mg daily in 2 divided doses adjusted according to response, for 3-6 mth or if necessary, up to 9 mth. Oral Benign breast disorders

Adult: Initially, 100-400 mg daily in 2 divided doses adjusted according to response and continued for 3-6 mth. Oral Gynaecomastia

Adult: Male adolescents: Initially, 200 mg daily, may increase to 400 mg daily after 2 mth if no response occurs; adult men: Initial: 400 mg daily in up to 4 divided doses. Usual treatment duration: 6 mth.

Child: Male adolescents: Initially, 200 mg daily increased to 400 mg after 2 mth if no response occurs. Treatment usually up to 6 months. Oral Hereditary angioedema

Adult: Initially, 200 mg bid-tid reduced thereafter according to patient\'s response. Oral Preoperative thinning of the endometrium

Adult: 400-800 mg daily, in up to 4 divided doses for 3-6 wk. Oral Menorrhagia

Adult: 200 mg once daily. Review treatment 3 mth later.


Adult: PO Endometriosis 200-800 mg/day in 2 divided doses for 3-6 mth, up to 9 mth if needed. Benign breast disorders Initial: 100-400 mg/day in 2 divided doses for 3-6 mth. Gynaecomastia Male adolescents: Initial: 200 mg/day, increase to 400 mg/day after 2 mth if no response; Adult men: Initial: 400 mg/day in up to 4 divided doses. Usual duration: 6 mth. Hereditary angioedema Initial: 200 mg 2-3 times/day. Pre-op thinning of endometrium 400-800 mg/day in up to 4 divided doses for 3-6 wk. Menorrhagia 200 mg once daily.

Active ingredients: Danazol
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Unazol 200 mg

List of unazol brand and generic drugs

Ladazol (South Africa)
Ladogal (Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela)
Capsule; Oral; Danazol 100 mg
Capsule; Oral; Danazol 200 mg
Capsule; Oral; Danazol 50 mg
LADOGAL Capsule/ Tablet / 200mg (10 units)$ 5.27
LADOGAL Capsule/ Tablet / 100mg (10 units)$ 2.80
LADOGAL Capsule/ Tablet / 50mg (10 units)$ 1.46
Ladogal 200 mg x 100's$ 333.25
Ladogal 50mg CAP / 10$ 1.46
Ladogal 100mg CAP / 10$ 2.80
Ladogal 200mg CAP / 10$ 5.27
Ladogal 100 mg x 100's
50 mg x 10's$ 1.46
100 mg x 10's$ 2.80
200 mg x 10's$ 5.27
Lozana (Bangladesh)
Novaprin (Mexico)
Oyslon (Japan)
Pozol (India)
Pozol 100mg TAB / 100$ 35.00
100 mg x 100's$ 35.00
Vabon (Thailand)
Vabon 100 mg x 100's
Vabon 200 mg x 100's
Capsule; Oral; Danazol 100 mg
Capsule; Oral; Danazol 200 mg
Zendol (India)
ZENDOL Capsule/ Tablet / 100mg (10 units)$ 2.78
ZENDOL Capsule/ Tablet / 200mg (10 units)$ 4.61
ZENDOL Capsule/ Tablet / 50mg (10 units)$ 1.47
Zendol 50mg CAP / 10$ 1.49
Zendol 100mg CAP / 10$ 2.92
Zendol 200mg CAP / 10$ 4.84
50 mg x 10's$ 1.49
100 mg x 10's$ 2.92
200 mg x 10's$ 4.84
Zendol 100 mg Capsule$ 0.28
Zendol 200 mg Capsule$ 0.48
Zendol 50 mg Capsule$ 0.15

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