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Vioxy uses and description

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Vioxy consists of Vit E, vit C, β-carotene, Zn.

Vit E - Indications: G6-PD deficiency, Acanthocytosis.

Retrolental fibroplasia in premature infants exposed to high oxygen concentrations.

Intermittant claudication, fibrocystic breast disease and nocturnal muscle cramps.

Supplementation in cystic fibrosis.


Enhances Vit A absorption.

vit C - Indications: Treatment of scurvy.

Adjuvent therapy in common cold, asthma, cancer, atherosclerosis.


Metabolic disorders (tyrosinaemia type III, transient tyrosinaemia of the newborn, glutathione synthase deficiency, Hawkinsinuria).

β-carotene - Indications: age-related macular degeneration, cataract

Zn - Indications: nutritional supplement, tonic

Centrum is a scientifically balanced formula which includes the combined benefits of 27 essential vitamins and minerals including folic acid, calcium, iron, the key antioxidants (betacarotene, C & E) and zinc.

multivitamin maintenance vitamin deficiency

Vitamins B complex, C and E deficiencies, eg beriberi, stomatitis, peripheral neuritis and habitual abortion.

Active ingredients: Vit E/vit C/β-carotene/Zn
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Vioxy 5 x 6's$ 6.73

List of vioxy brand and generic drugs

Vit E/vit C/β-carotene/Zn (Indonesia)
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