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Vitagin uses and description

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Vitagin - Enhances natural resistance and recuperative power of the body and reduces fatigue; as a general tonic, wards off the effect of aging. Vitamins and minerals supplement.
Active ingredients: equiv to elemental Fe
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Vitagin 30's
Vitagin 60's

List of vitagin brand and generic drugs

Appebon with Iron Syrup (Philippines)
Appebon with Iron Syrup 60 mL$ 5.67
Appebon with Iron Syrup 120 mL$ 10.79
Appetason (Philippines)
Appetason 100's$ 15.57
Appetason 60 mL$ 1.58
Appetason 120 mL$ 2.45
Comvit FA (Philippines)
Comvit FA 100's
equiv to elemental Fe (Philippines)
Ferosal (Philippines)
Ferosal 100's$ 10.75
Ferosal 60 mL$ 1.30
Ferosal 75 mg x 15 mL$ 1.17
Ferosal 75 mg x 30 mL$ 1.35
Ferro-B (Philippines)
Ferro-B 100's
Foralivit (Philippines)
Foralivit 100's$ 10.71
Hi-Smart Teens (Philippines)
Hi-Smart Teens 10's$ 4.88
Hi-Smart Teens 30's$ 14.62
Hi-Smart Teens 100's$ 48.12
I-Tab (Philippines)
I-Tab 30's
Kidiron (Thailand)
Kidiron 60 mg/5 mL x 60 mL x 12's$ 14.67
Martham (Philippines)
Martham 100's$ 18.75
Maxifer (Philippines)
Maxifer (amp) 20 mg/1 mL x 5 mL x 5's
Maxifer 20 mg/1 mL x 5 mL x 25's
Meganerv-E (Philippines)
Meganerv-E 60's$ 15.39
Molvite-OB (Philippines)
Molvite-OB 60's$ 11.35
Nutroplex W/ Iron & Lysine (Philippines)
Nutroplex W/ Iron & Lysine 60 mL$ 1.47
Nutroplex W/ Iron & Lysine 120 mL$ 2.79
Nutroplex W/ Iron & Lysine 250 mL$ 4.85
OB Max (Philippines)
OB Max 100's$ 20.62
Obynal-M (Philippines)
Obynal-M 100's$ 24.69
Phil Pharmawealth/Nestor Ferrous Sulfate + Folic Acid (Philippines)
Phil Pharmawealth/Nestor Ferrous Sulfate + Folic Acid 100's
Prenarex Plus (Philippines)
Prenarex Plus 100's$ 25.00
Prepalert (Philippines)
Prepalert 100's
Regeron-E Plus (Philippines)
Regeron-E Plus 50's$ 19.77
RiteMED Iron + Folic Acid (Philippines)
RiteMED Iron + Folic Acid 187 mcg/600 mcg x 100's$ 3.25
Square Sqvit Multivitamins + Iron + Lysine (Philippines)
Square Sqvit Multivitamins + Iron + Lysine (cherry & strawberry flavor) 60 mL
Square Sqvit Multivitamins + Iron + Lysine 120 mL
Sqvit Vitamins + Iron + Lysine (Philippines)
Sqvit Vitamins + Iron + Lysine 100's
Terraferron (Philippines)
Terraferron 100's$ 17.50
Trev-iron (Philippines)
Trev-iron 100's$ 19.58
Trev-iron Plus (Philippines)
Trev-iron Plus 10's
Trev-iron Plus 100's$ 26.75
Trust Pill (Philippines)
Trust Pill 28's$ 1.06

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