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Zotanixin uses and description

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Zotanixin - Used for: Treating certain parasitic infections of the intestine.

Zotanixin is an antiparasitic agent. It works by interfering with the production of certain substances that are needed by the parasite to live.

Zotanixin is an antiprotozoal agent.

Zotanixin is used to treat diarrhea in adults and children caused by the protozoa Giardia lamblia. Zotanixin is also used to treat diarrhea caused by the protozoa Cryptosporidium parvum. These conditions are also sometimes referred to as travelers' diarrhea.

Zotanixin may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

Pharmacology: Interferes with pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase enzyme-dependent electron transfer reaction, which is essential to anaerobic energy metabolism.

Indication: Treatment of diarrhea caused by Giardia lamblia or Cryptosporidium parvum.

Zotanixin is an antifolate containing the pyrrolopyrimidine-based nucleus that exerts its antineoplastic activity by disrupting folate-dependent metabolic processes essential for cell replication. In vitro studies have shown that Zotanixin inhibits thymidylate synthase (TS), dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), and glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase (GARFT), all folate-dependent enzymes involved in the de novo biosynthesis of thymidine and purine nucleotides. Zotanixin is transported into cells by both the reduced folate carrier and membrane folate binding protein transport systems. Once in the cell, Zotanixin is converted to polyglutamate forms by the enzyme folylpolyglutamate synthetase. The polyglutamate forms are retained in cells and are inhibitors of TS and GARFT. Polyglutamation is a time- and concentration-dependent process that occurs in tumor cells and, to a lesser extent, in normal tissues. Polyglutamated metabolites have an increased intracellular half-life resulting in prolonged drug action in malignant cells.

Oral Giardiasis, Cryptosporidiosis

Adult: 500 mg every 12 hr for 3 days.

Child: 1-3 yr: 100 mg every 12 hr; 4-11 yr: 200 mg every 12 hr; ≥12 yr: 500 mg every 12 hr. All doses to be taken for 3 days.


Adult: PO Cryptosporidiosis; Giardiasis 500 mg 12 hrly for 3 days.

Active ingredients: Nitazoxanide
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List of zotanixin brand and generic drugs

Tazox (Bangladesh)
Tazox 250 mg Injection$ 0.30
Tazox 4000+500 Ethix HC Injection$ 8.98
Tazox 500 mg Injection$ 0.44
500 mg x 100's$ 14.07
Tetrazin 500mg TAB / 100$ 14.07
Tetrazin 500 mg Tablet$ 0.14
Toza (Bangladesh)
Uniplus (Dominican Republic)
Xanita (Bangladesh)
Xnid (Bangladesh)
Z Stop
Z Stop 500 mg Tablet$ 0.08
ZIMDAX (India)
ZIMDAX Dispersible Tablet / 200mg (6 units)$ 0.55
ZIMDAX Dispersible Tablet / 500mg (6 units)$ 0.77
200 mg x 6's$ 0.55
500 mg x 6's$ 0.77
Zimdax 200mg DT-TAB / 6$ 0.55
Zimdax 500mg DT-TAB / 6$ 0.77
Zimdax DT
Zimdax DT 200 mg Tablet$ 0.09
Zimdax DT 500 mg Tablet$ 0.13
Zoana (Bangladesh)
Zonaxid 30 ml Syrup$ 0.06
Zonaxid 500 mg Tablet$ 0.13
Zox (Bangladesh)
Zox 50+250+325 Tablet$ 0.07
200 mg x 10's$ 1.11
500 mg x 10's$ 1.11
100 mg x 5 mL x 30ml$ 0.37
Zoxakind 200mg DT-TAB / 10$ 1.11
Zoxakind 500mg FC-TAB / 10$ 1.11
Zoxakind 100mg x 5mL DRY-SYR / 30ml$ 0.37
Zoxakind 500 mg Tablet$ 0.12
Zoxakind 30 ml Syrup$ 0.08
Zoxanid (Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama)
ZSTOP (India)
100 mg x 5 mL x 30ml$ 0.37
200 mg x 6's$ 0.59
500 mg x 6's$ 0.77
Zstop 100mg x 5mL SUSP / 30ml$ 0.37
Zstop 200mg FC-TAB / 6$ 0.59
Zstop 500mg FC-TAB / 6$ 0.77
Zstop 200 mg Tablet$ 0.10
Zstop 500 mg Tablet$ 0.13
Zstop 30 ml Suspension$ 0.06

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